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Yay! My beginner embroidery things shipped! I do so love fast service. I have no idea how long it'll take to get here, but my guess is about a week, if it follows the same path as the fabric. (Then again half the wait for the fabric was waiting for it to be shipped, so...)

The pictures of the finished product don't really look beginner to me. XD; We'll see how it all goes.
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My project is complete. (The skirt is unrelated.)

Cut to spare the masses my ugly, ugly hands and SUPER scary eyes 0.o )

The Gibson Girl blouse in progress. In place of a real diary, each picture has a short description. 8Db

Now I can start on my jacket mock-up. 8DDDDb I also gave in and bought two 'beginner' embroidery kits in my quest to learn how to embroider. We'll see how this works out. >.>
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♠Preventative measures seemed to have worked against the Oncoming Cough. My throat doesn't feel as scratchy. Excellent.

♠Yesterday I wound up watching the latter half of the Tokyo marathon. I didn't realize how many celebrities participated, but I saw Bobby Orgon(?) make it (took the poor man 5 hours). His kids, particularly his son, who'd told Bobby he didn't think Bobby could make it, were there and it was really sweet. I got embarrassingly teary-eyed.

♠I also watched what Japan showed of the figure skating exhibition got embarrassingly teary-eyed. Oh, figure skating, what will I do without you for four years?

♠Classes do not promise to be terribly interesting today, since last week was tests from Tuesday to Thursday. Actually, we'll see if I even have classes because they might just be giving back the tests and going over it. (LOL, nope, no classes. Just fifteen minutes of bingo at the start and then back here to the old desk to read.)

♠Note to self: Start going to sleep at a decent time again, you nut.

♠I love how the weather's been recently. I'm going to cry when it gets cold again. orz

♠I bought Namie's Future>Past and TOKIO's new single last week, but I'm lazy so I didn't get around to importing them 'til yesterday. They make me seriously happy.
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Bullet points of life:

♠I got to talk to Dana today. That was awesome.

♠I watched Star Trek: The Voyage Home last night, in tiny screen on [ profile] capncosmo's laptop. That was also awesome, in a very 'LOL the 80s!' way.

♠I keep forgetting to post about it, but I finished my Gibson Girl blouse. It is shiny. I need to upload and post my pictures.

♠LOL Troublemaker PV. I knew I was going to love it and I do.

♠I think I'm getting a sore throat/cough. Tea and cough drops do not seem to be doing much good. Boo.

♠I sent the Dear Old Company an e-mail telling them that I will not be attending training. I bought my tickets, I don't know what my contract for next year will be, and well, I deserve more notice of dates. No answer on that front yet, and I probably won't get one until March 19th. Oh well.

♠I finished Hotel Dusk on the train today. I need new DS games. T^T

♠I did a bunch of cleaning when I got back. Now I must put away my laundry.
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Company people didn't show up yesterday, and they haven't showed up today. Don't know what it means except I don't have to deal with them, and that is always a good thing.

In other news, I'm about to fall asleep at my desk. Yesterday and today being test days, I had a grand total of two classes between them - both of them with Class 6 and neither with an actual lesson plan. Today we actually had lunch a whole hour early, and now I'm sleepy, bored, and have nothing to occupy me. I should have brought a book. Le sighe.
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Macchi was on Utaban tonight, and he killed (and introduced Arashi for next week). Because the last time he was on Utaban presented him with a bike that he really, really wanted, he said "Nandemo yarimasu". Not a good idea when you're on a show with Taka-san and Nakai. Nakai took advantage of VTR to call Macchi Macchi to his face, and then make him do ridiculous things.

So of course Macchi used the opportunity to dokkiri Nakai and send him into a whimpering ball of Johnny, whining "I REALLY WANTED TO DIE" and "IS IT OKAY FOR ME TO QUIT JOHNNY'S????"

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My usual first and second year classes are all taking tests today, and my third years either are as well, or have other things of importance. So instead I'm being asked to teach what I assume is the special class, since there are only maybe 5 students and I haven't actually seen any of them yet. I have no idea if they've actually had English, but I assume they must have, and I don't know where they are or what I'm expected to do with them.

Kill me now, kthxbai.

[ETA] Apparently people from my company are coming today??????????????????? I DIDN'T HEAR ABOUT THIS! Now every time the door opens I jump in my seat. What on earth could The Company need with me that they didn't see fit to inform me of in advance? TT_____________________________________TT
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... Mikhail Gorbachev is on SMAPxSMAP tonight. I knew about it from [ profile] capncosmo, but seeing it... How on EARTH did SMAP manage that??? I do not have an icon that properly expresses my bewilderment.

PS: OH MY GOD Shukudai-kun is going to KILL me tonight. XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
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Apparently if I want to keep driving next year, I either must spend three months in America (to make an international driver's permit legal again) or get a Japanese license. Getting a license would be fine if I were planning on staying in Japan for several more years - it only makes sense to have the license of the country/state you live in.


Just to apply for the test I need to fill out forms and send them and 3,380 yen to the Japan Automobile Federation, and then wait for further instructions. The actual test itself includes written and practical driving, but it also includes being automatically failed the first time, being failed the second time for good measure, being failed the third time just for the instructor's fun, and maybe being allowed to pass the fourth time. One of the other Joytalk employees had to take the test five times before they passed. I don't even know where I'm supposed to go to take these tests after I submit all the documentation.

Japan. Why do you exist to make life hard for people?

Also, no word yet on the training dates for Spring, though apparently the Tochigi people are having it on the 5th (which will be the day I get back from America - I predicted that, but leaving any earlier made the price of tickets skyrocket). I don't even know if I'm staying here in Maebashi or not.

Sigh, my life.

Back to attaching sleeves to my blouse.
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I don't think I've ever really iterated how much I love mens' figure skating. I really love mens' figure skating. Like burning. I just saw Plushenko, and that makes me happy, but hot damn was Takahashi's routine good.

And they're first and second. I can agree with this.
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I am probably going to regret it when the e-mail from my company comes telling me that our training days are something ridiculous like March 31st and April 1st, but today I bought my tickets home. I will leave here the morning of the 26th and I will return in the afternoon of April 5th (leaving New York on the morning of April 4th).

Frankly, I don't care if I miss training. I'm sick of them waiting until the last damned minute to decide anything. Prices skyrocket and they know it. What I'm worried about is the health check. If that winds up being during the time I'm still in New York, I don't know what I'm going to do. :/

Oh well, we'll have to see what happens.
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Awwwwwwwwww Arashi look so sad without Sho on Music Station tonight. XD YUKI and Porno Graffiti are both on, making this well worth it. (We'll pretend KAT-TUN don't exist because um, Jin. Cut the skeezy hair for real.) Also, the Backstreet Boys are on. It's going to be HILARIOUS.

ETA: The awesome is already starting with Taka-san making fun of them with Nino while hiding behind a giant picture of Tamori-san.

ETA II: LOL Nino pointing out that MS had forgotten KAT-TUN. Also Kame, please keep your hair short always. You actually look good like this. (Super super LOL because Nino is too short and is being blocked by DJ Ozma's and Kinashi's enormous hair.)

ETA III: Digital Sho is hilarious. They should do that for the whole Olympics.
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I have spent my entire day between three things: hair dying (it's shiny red again), role-playing, and sewing.

After careful consideration of my supplies comparative to my pattern, I decided I didn't have enough to start on the Edwardian walking jacket. Namely I don't have the lining fabric for it, or enough fabric to make a toile of it. I discovered that Hancocks sells muslin at a very nice price - but doesn't offer international shipping. I'll be making that when I get home in the spring.

So, instead, I am in the middle of making the Gibson Girl blouse from Folk Wear patterns. I had already bought fabric for that - and I appear to have over bought, since I think I could probably toile the 1914 dress from the rest. We'll see after I finish the blouse - assuming I finish it before March.
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Oh, here we go.

Waratte Koraete's New York special, and the guy managed to hit the East Village. Within the diameter of his compass, the Bowery, Broadway, and "3丁目" (uh, no dude, no such thing) were all included. The lady is going with the ubiquitous fake nose, blond curly wig, and is dressed in the flag. Yeah, this is going to be one of those specials, where everything they put on TV is going to be the "weird side of America".

ETA: Looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool and the first lady the TV hostess goes to see starts laaaaaaaaaaaughing and asks "WHY???"

ETA II: I LOVE NEW YORKERS. The old man tells the lady to turn the "kinda famous" statue and then says "I think so. I've never done it."

ETA III: They found the rick-shaw guy who is dressed up as Spider Man and does acrobatics. orz

ETA IV: One of the things I find really funny about this? They're RIGHT NEXT to 8th street, where all the Japanese restaurants are. But instead they're going to pubs that have been there since 1854 (which, you know, I can understand - it's an awesome place).

ETA V: Looooool they just got roped into going into the Astor Place barber shop by a big Italian man.

ETA VI: Oh, there we go. They found the gay men. With the accents, lisps and skinny jeans. Who dress in drag and do the hula. Yep, yep, there we go.

ETA VII: And it ends with that. So everybody can talk about how scary it is. Except they cut a lot of the talking. That's good at least.
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I want a subscription to Your Wardrobe Unlock'd really badly. Really, REALLY badly. Why is it so expensive. orz
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Yay new projects.

With the dress finished as much as she can be - the seams are all set and so far I've only found some fairly ugly and very much not 1910 eyelet lace - I'm hanging her up for the moment. (Literally 8Db)

In her place I will begin work on the Edwardian walking jacket pattern - if I buckle down I should have that done by March, in time for real wearing. The plan is to read the instructions as soon as I get home and hopefully get all that fabric cut out. We'll see about starting actual sewing work when that is done with.
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Had only two classes today and nobody to play with, so I spent most of my day clicking on the members of [ profile] dressdiaries. There are enough people who are still active that I only got through half the B's. LOL

Also in lol-worthy news, in 1-4, somebody wrote a school paper article about Nino and how he's awesome. I wholeheartedly agree. 8Db
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Waratte Koraete is apparently having a New York special tonight. I'm a little afraid.


Now I must finish sewing lace and decide what to do about dinner.
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So that dress? We have pictures~! )

It's not the most colorful thing, mostly because I chose fabrics on the cheaper end of the range. (The most expensive stuff was the sash.) It's my first hand-sewn dress after all. Now that I've done with this one, there are a million things I know to do differently to make a better one, so there will definitely be another version - hopefully with a more interesting color combination. (But I also have a blouse and a jacket to make, must get on those right away. 8D)

I still have the top hem to do, as I mentioned, and then I plan on adding lace to the front, because the seam is ugly. Seriously ugly. Aaaaand, I need to move the top most eye over, because as it is right now the hook doesn't stay. XD;

Other than that, however, it's totally complete.


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