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I know you're all sick of me posting, but I have to mention KOBE. KOBE KOBE KOBE KOBE KOBE KOBE KOBE. Kobe is too awesome to be real. We ate more food today than I have in basically a year, all of it delicious. Included in the menu were pizza, a salad with roast chicken, bubble tea, meat-buns and a sandwhich verison of one, tako-yaki, Subway (the need for a sandwhich was overpowering), and ramen. And China Town is just really awesome - I finally got a Buddah figure to bring my uncle, and there's a super awesome square with the Juunishi figures all around the perimeter.

We came back and rode the giant red Ferris wheel on the Hep 5 building (the same place where the call of Subway pulled us into the store before we realized it). We also took a detour back to Osaka Castle to get some pictures of it during the day.

With that, we've seen basically everything on our Kanjani8-said-to list. Tomorrow we're getting out to Osaka Dome and Nipponbashi. Considering how much we've managed to do early in the morning, we have no idea what we'll do with the rest of our day. Wander, perhaps, though I have no idea where we'd wander to. l-lol

Now back to my date with Mito Koumon. :3
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Today was suuuuuuuper busy day. After waking up for Double, Amanda and I proceeded immediately out into the city to see as many of the stops on our Kanjani8 Osaka tour as possible. These included the American Village, which had Sankaku Park, and another park close by. We stopped into a Mexican restaurant for lunch, then walked to the street of huge signs (the crab and the Glico Man and the octopus and them; I'll think of the name of it when I'm not half asleep). Originally we considered stopping to get the food under each of the huge signs, but considering the lines... yeah, that didn't happen.

It was fine, because we took the train out to see the giant Sun Tower, then came back to Osaka Tower, eating Kushi-katsu for dinner and going up after the sun was down. Osaka's really pretty from on high at night, though of course getting pictures was quite the thing. Night scenery setting without a tripod will do that.

Tomorrow the plan is getting up and getting out to Kobe (for China Town and pizza), then we'll come back and ride the Ferris wheel. Wednesday we need to swing up to Osaka Dome and Nihonbashi, but otherwise the day is ours. We may just wind up walking around. Fun times.
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Amanda and I have arrived safely in Osaka. We left Ujiie at 12 and didn't get to Shin-Osaka until 6:00 (this would have been made shorter had we not taken the normal train to Tokyo). We checked in at 6:30 and left right away to find Osaka-jo, and spent almost two hours attempting to take pictures in night-scenery mode. We went to a Chinese place pretty close to the hotel because their sign was on fire, and rushed back for TV, because that's the sort of life we lead.

Speaking of TV, have some reactions:

Kaibutsukun 2 (this one's late) )

Kaibutsukun 3 )

Re: Arashi no Shiyagare.
I'm not sure what I think of it. I like the opening a lot. The format... is kind of Shukudaikun Lite, in its way. It's too much like Himitsu for my taste at the moment. I like that they're supposed to learn from the guests and then get a chance to test out what they've learned (Jun: *waving hand* MAA, MAA, MAa, maa, m-- *sits*). But a lot of the success of the show is going to be dependent on the guest. Well, it's going to change sooner or later. I just think they should change back to food.
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I have internet in my apartmeeeeeeeeeeeeeent! 8D

Right as I'm leaving for Osaka, too. orz

In other news, the last of RBtY is typed in from my written stuff. I need to tie that into what had already been written and get a beta, and then it will be done. I... have a hard time believing it. It definitely took too long. What I will do with myself after it... I have no idea. Write for nothing but anonymemes, probably. Plot has not been my friend lately.
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This raining needs to stop now kthxbai. orz

I still have no driver's license. Amanda is taking her third test today - three tries is the fastest either she or I have ever heard of anyone getting theirs. I still shake my fist at Japan's love-affair translation agreement with Canada and Australia. I understand it, mostly, but I shake my fist at it. In light of not being able to drive, I wake up at 6:30 to get the 7:07 bus to make the 7:35 train to get to Ogane at 7:45 so I can walk up the mountain to school and be on time at 8:00. This is not so bad. If it never rained, I would be perfectly happy to do it every day. But it does rain. A lot. And it's cold. That makes it very Not Fun.

I have discovered a girl in one of my second year classes who lived in Oxford for three years (she still speaks with her accent and it's adorable), and a boy in one of my third year classes who lived in Ohio for four. I am looking forward to speaking to them more. But oh, man. I've been so spoiled. Between starting late and having all these days off this past two weeks, and Golden Week beginning on Saturday (wherein I am set to go to Osaka and do everything Kanjani8 told me to do, and see everything Kanjani8 ever referenced), I don't know how I'm going to get through the rest of the year. L-lol

The apartment is almost totally put together now. We finished putting away our kitchen and my room is basically in order, and we just got a kotatsu. We need to get an extension cord so we can plug it in, but that will take care of our living room furniture. Now we have only to get all the packaging trash taken out and then I can take pictures of our lovely space. It's exciting.
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First day of work. I came to a desk with a computer on it and was told: "Please use it. There's even internet."

I will try not to abuse it, but damn that makes my life happy for a while. (Not, of course, that I can get e-mail, but LJ is working just fine.)

And class is shaping up like this:

Tasaki-sensei: Introduce yourself to me, to Lisa-sensei, and to three or more of your friends.
Student: (in English) I don't. Have. Friends. :| *turns magazine page*
Me: *tries VERY VERY HARD not to laugh*

I hope this happens every day. Also, it might be that the quality of English out here is super awesome or they have a deal with the devil, but these kids are pretty damn good. And they TALK TO ME. Like, willingly. In Japanese/English mixes even. It's awesome. :D
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It is probably a bad sign that I am against making the final move to the new apartment because of the lack of internet there. There isn't TV there, either and I have no idea when we will be getting them again, making my desire not to leave even greater.

But, work starts tomorrow for real (wherein I will meet the staff for the first time before school starts, yay), but the school has something going on this coming Friday, then next Monday, and the following Friday. With any luck, in those days I will be able to take my driver's test and pass it. Amanda's going for her second try on Thursday - it would be super nice for at least one of us to have a valid license. orz

Kaibutsu-kun, episode 1 )

Also? Monster choreography? IS HILARIOUS. Though people need to stop pretending that Nino wanting to quit the company is some kind of secret by now. Sho wanting to quit is less known than Nino wanting to quit. Seriously TV. *shakes head*
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Jon Greenfield bought me a $100 gift credit card for my birthday, but me being in Japan and Japan not being big on credit cards anyway he didn't send it. He gave it to me when I saw them at the beginning of the week instead, and I've been looking for a place to spend it since. So, since I'm going back tomorrow, I splurged at Amazon and got four of the more recommended historical costume history and pattern books. I am excited for them, though it's sad that they will have to be shipped here. I'm going to ask mom to flat rate them out to me.

The new plan is to buy a cheap sewing machine and see how much I can get done over the year. First on the wish-list is a Chemise la Reine, and all the proper fittings. Then we will see about the rest of the late 18th century wardrobe, and finally move into Victorian. Hopefully.
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[ profile] sw_inku and I went to a five-course tea at The Inn at Irving Place today. The restaurant is called Lady Mendl's (that's not a typo), and is very Victorian in its decor. The food was delicious and the tea very good (though the selection isn't as good as it is at Alice's). It's also very expensive at $35 a person; I think you pay for the interior design because the portions aren't exactly big. Not a place to go to every day, or even every weekend, but it was a good time.

Following tea we went to see my optometrist. I have new sunglasses! 8D And I will have new glasses by tomorrow morning, which is exciting.

Then Mom and I went to see God of Carnage tonight. It's HILARIOUS. I'm no play analyst, but I'm pretty sure the point here was about civility and the over-civilization of society and how ridiculous we all are. But see it and judge for yourself. It's definitely the sort of play that can't be done if the cast can't work well together, and there really isn't room to be too over the top in your acting because the pace is so fast and the dialogue is outrageous as it is. The cast tonight had Lucy Liu and Jeff Daniels, and was excellent.
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Any time I receive anything from Dear Old Company now my stomach pinches with dread and my heart starts thumping madly. Am I the only one who thinks that e-mails from the Boss should not do that?

Mom and I are going to the second of two passover dinners tonight. Last night's was in Long Island and featured a very hilarious and abbreviated version of the Seder. The Greenfield's are far more interested in eating than anything - that's my kind of family Seder right there. XD

Tomorrow I have an appointment for tea and then with my optometrist; then my mother and I are going to the theatre for her birthday. Thursday I have another appointment for tea, and in the morning I'll have to do all my shopping of essentials. Friday I will be packing my little heart out, because Saturday I leave at 6:30 in the morning.

I can't believe my vacation is half over already. orz
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Huzzah America.

I am here, alive, and really, really tired. Also sleepy. Despite good intentions, I didn't wind up falling asleep until 3-something in the morning. Mom got me up at 10:45 or so. I had coffee, we brought my pants to the tailor to be taken in, we had lunch, and went shopping (new external hard drive and new bras yaaaaaay). We didn't get back until 4.

Now I am trying valiantly to stay awake so I can go to sleep at a decent time tonight and thus be rid of jet lag. Hopefully moving things from the laptop to the new external will help that attempt.
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Sometimes out of pure vanity I search for myself. Both in main LJ user name and my writing journal. I don't expect much to show up and usually nothing does, or it's a friend writing about me in a post or something. Today I found Typeset used three times and my name used once on the recent JE hate meme - and all as reccommendations. There are not words enough to say how ridiculously happy that makes me, especially since I haven't written anything in a while. (I could make a million excuses about that but it comes down to not having had the will power to just sit down and write recently, and being too lazy to force it.) I am going to sit in a corner and grin stupidly now.
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Blah. I hate TV for taking away my Utaban. WHERE WILL I SEE TAKA-SAN NOW, JAPAN? Surely there were wigs you could use when Nakai ran out of hats? And right after taking Shukudai-kun from me. Shame. Dishonor! Dishonor on you, dishonor on your family, dishonor on your cow!

/Mulan quoting.

I will miss you, Utaban.
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You guys, it's the last Arashi no Shukudai-kun. I might cry at the end of it. I am going to miss this show and staff so much.

I have other things to say, but not the brain power to say them. So I will leave you with me wibbling over the loss of AnS.
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This last week I have spent many of my nights packing, pulling things down from the walls, throwing things out, and doing more packing.

Tomorrow begins the process of actually moving. Since I'm moving within the country, at least, I don't have to worry about having a box for every last bit. I've been pretty good about buying stuff this year, so just about everything does fit into my bags - not including the one that I'm taking back to NYC. Now I just have to hope that nobody breaks into my car during the break, since that is going to be acting as my storage unit until I can move into the new apartment.

My kids at Eimei gave me flowers and booklet of letters they all wrote me. I haven't read all of them, but the first ones that I have read are adorable. I'm going to cry by the time I finish all of them.
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I am starting to think I made the wrong choice by signing on for another year out here.

Nice as it was to think about buying a super cute apartment, the rest of it does nothing but make me feel inadequate and depressed, and I can't work for anybody like that.

FML, baby. FML.
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It's not the Snowpocalypse or whatever the snazzy titles the news stations in the States came up with, but we got snow last night. Serious snow. Such serious snow that the kids are coming in two whole hours late today, and I appeared right on time this morning to the general HOLY-CRAP-HOW-DID-YOU-DRIVE-THAT? of everyone.

Snow, of course, is not so much a big deal back in the States, but that's because we have plowers who are out first thing in the morning. Here, they haven't got that. If there isn't snow on the streets (at least the big ones) it's because there have been other cars driving over it. If there isn't snow on the little back streets it's because God created a miracle. (No, really.)

It's actually very pretty out there, but terrifying to drive. I barely went above 20km the whole trip. (This, uh, may be in part because I don't have snow tires. I know, I'm a terrible person. No, really.) I took some shots from around the school on my phone; I will try to get some from around my house later. I wish I had snow boots - my sneakers are soaked. XD;

Of course, because the kids are coming in two hours late my first two classes are canceled, leaving me only fourth period. And Nakamura-sensei isn't here either, so who knows if she will come at all, since she has to commute from Takasaki. If she doesn't, that would bring me down to zero classes. Nakamura-sensei has entered the building. One fourth period for me.

YAY BOREDOM. I knew I should have brought my embroidery. 8Db

OH. And I forgot to mention. Rush Limbaugh threatens to leave the US for Costa Rica should the health care bill pass Congress. This is HILARIOUS because, funny enough, Costa Rica already offers universal health care to the people. It's also a relief. Good riddance, Limbaugh. (Is he really going? Doubtful. Do I wish he really would? You bet.)
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This weekend my ikebana teacher introduced me and Amanda to all the other little old lady ikebana teachers in the Ujiie area at a display of traditional arts done by people who live in Ujiie. My ikebana teach is exactly like my grandmother would have been if she'd been a little old Japanese lady instead of a little old Jewish lady. (Minus the stories; my teacher specializes in HILARIOUS old-lady wisdom.) She even brought bread along to feed me and Amanda before we could leave, which Amanda wrote a poem of awesome about.

It was awesome.

After our time at the display we went into Utsunomiya, as Amanda found a mini-Akiba in one of the malls out there. It came complete with a Mandrake, so I have a new stack of shiny doujinshi - and only two of them are in total novel format. Good haul. 8Db Similarly we had delicious gyoza and I found fabric that will make a super pretty lining for my Edwardian walking jacket. (Which is waaaaaaaay too big at the moment; it's undergoing a heavy taking-in.)
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Last night I cut the fabric for my walking jacket mock-up. I had juuuuuuuuuuust enough, even though I bought exactly what the pattern said to. Granted I cut the collar and front lapels out of the same stuff, when for the real thing they will be cut out of a contrasting, different fabric, but still. There's a reason why I usually buy a yard of extra for errors. orz

The jacket will be the most ambitious of the three things, needing a lot of tailoring. It's meant to go over a corset, of course, which I don't have, but apparently a good shape can be gotten anyway. Making corsets is my next stop. Maybe then I will open a shop like everyone and their mother. 8Db

What started out as a bunch of links on a previous post has slowly become a GIANT master list of all the awesome sewers on LJ and their various sites. )


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