Mar. 1st, 2010

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♠Preventative measures seemed to have worked against the Oncoming Cough. My throat doesn't feel as scratchy. Excellent.

♠Yesterday I wound up watching the latter half of the Tokyo marathon. I didn't realize how many celebrities participated, but I saw Bobby Orgon(?) make it (took the poor man 5 hours). His kids, particularly his son, who'd told Bobby he didn't think Bobby could make it, were there and it was really sweet. I got embarrassingly teary-eyed.

♠I also watched what Japan showed of the figure skating exhibition got embarrassingly teary-eyed. Oh, figure skating, what will I do without you for four years?

♠Classes do not promise to be terribly interesting today, since last week was tests from Tuesday to Thursday. Actually, we'll see if I even have classes because they might just be giving back the tests and going over it. (LOL, nope, no classes. Just fifteen minutes of bingo at the start and then back here to the old desk to read.)

♠Note to self: Start going to sleep at a decent time again, you nut.

♠I love how the weather's been recently. I'm going to cry when it gets cold again. orz

♠I bought Namie's Future>Past and TOKIO's new single last week, but I'm lazy so I didn't get around to importing them 'til yesterday. They make me seriously happy.
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My project is complete. (The skirt is unrelated.)

Cut to spare the masses my ugly, ugly hands and SUPER scary eyes 0.o )

The Gibson Girl blouse in progress. In place of a real diary, each picture has a short description. 8Db

Now I can start on my jacket mock-up. 8DDDDb I also gave in and bought two 'beginner' embroidery kits in my quest to learn how to embroider. We'll see how this works out. >.>


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