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Has anybody else read The Time Traveler's Wife? I'm not much of a fan of things written in first person, but I really like this one. What does everyone/anyone else think?
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 i am; cloudy

Take the test at

I don't think I'm cloudy, necessarily, unless I wanna be. Eh *shrugs*

Gotta love KaZaA, man. Been on a downloading spree lately, found the Midsommer Murders episode that Orlando Bloom was on. He's a fiesty, bad mouthed little boy in that thing =^-^= Also found much of the MTV TRL that featured the four main hobbits and two Elves of Lord of the Rings.

*Points at self* Is very pleased!
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You are Yu~ki! Nice hair man!
You are Yu~ki!

Which Malice Mizer member are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Saw P-chan's and Piccalo's results, and so decided to take myself. Dude, P-chan, we nearly have the full band.

In school news: I failed math. I'm taking it over.

Fuck. Bloodymotherfuckinbitchsonofawhoreratbastardcuntinghell (how's my language XD).

On the other hand, I'm in AP American History and Creative Writing Honors English. Teachers are pretty much cool: Knorr for Am. Hist - he's got that dry sort of humor which cracks me up, Paul and Mr. Lewis - tech, duh, Kay - Mood Swinging English Teacher to the rescue!!!, Srebnich for that hateful thing we call gym, and some dude named Kaplon for math. Seems fairly decent, too.

Eh *shrugs* doesn't mean I'm happy about repeating the fucking class.
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So which hobbit are you? Hmm??

made by Michelle at EmptySpace.

So which LOTR woman are you? Hmm??

made by Michelle at EmptySpace.

So which LOTR Man are you? Hmm??

made by Michelle at EmptySpace.

So which fairy tale archetype are you? Hmm??

made by Michelle at EmptySpace.

Okay, just a little post to let everyone know who I'd be in movies. 'Cause we all know that I have very little of a true life and I'm obsessed with on line quizes.

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Yahoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! *does the Happy Dance*

I'm free, FREE I tell you FREEEEEE!!! No more regents! I'm done!!! I get the rest of the week to stay up, sleep late, and not leave the house and stay warm.

Joyce and I finished the test at around 10:15 and 10:30, respectively, then went to Book Off, and Fuu-chan guess what?! I found your birthday present there, and you'll either have it or be really happy so you'd better not have it. Then we [Joyce and me] went to that supermarket/fast food take out place two or three shops down and had chicken udon soup and daifuku (red bean cakes) and pocky!!! So I'm hyper!!!

I'm also insanely happy right now because I just posted the latest chapter of my story (or one of them) on yesterday night and I've already got about 10 reviews of it, and all of them have been really good.
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Okay, this has NOTHING to do with me or my life what-so-ever, but it's TOO hilarious not to mention.

Does anyone out there remember a little boy-band called the Backdoor Boys. Oh, wait, silly me -- they were the Backstreet Boys. Yeah, that's them. Well, if ya'll remember this group, and remember the member's names (like I unfortunately do), look in the Arts section of today's New York Times. You'll note a funny little thing in the ad for Chicago: now starring Kevin Richardson.

Why? What production could be so desperate that they'd want him?

The best thing about this was that my mom confused dear Kevin with one Chris Kirkpatric from Nsync. This normally would not surprise me. However ... she managed to confuse the names ... =^-^=;;
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Frodo's my fancy!
What's your fancy? Click here and tell the world!

Merry's my fancy!
What's your fancy? Click here and tell the world!

Legolas is my fancy!
What's your fancy? Click here and tell the world!

Elrond's my fancy!
What's your fancy? Click here and tell the world!

Boromir's my fancy!
What's your fancy? Click here and tell the world!

Aragorn's my fancy!
What's your fancy? Click here and tell the world!

Boromir's my fancy!
What's your fancy? Click here and tell the world!

chu <3

Sep. 7th, 2002 04:15 pm
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At long last ... I finally have a damn Winamp player! Now I can use those frickin' skins I've had loungin' around on my computer with nothing to do. Now they shall be put to the ultimate test: whether I like them or not.

Also finally installed Adobe 5.0 instead of stupid Adobe 5.0 Limited. How my parents even *found* the limited version is beyond me, and no one else seems to know it exists. I think someone was playing a cruel trick on me or somthing and gave my parents the only copy in the store because they knew it sucked. That would happen, too, knowing my luck.

Made a Tarot card thingie ... I swear I'm addicted to these kinds of things. I think I need a new hobby or something. Maybe just some school work ... nah.

Tarot Cards
[ profile] pocky_addict
A slender woman rises from the waterfall. She is Umi, queen of all waters on the Earth. With hair the color of the moon's reflection on her domain of the sea and wearing robes the color of sea-foam she stands proud and tall, offering her life-giving water to the parched Earth.
Divinatory Meanings: This is the card of life giving qualities. It may signal the rebirth of a passion for a hobby long-forgotten, or the start of a new project. It also stands for a smoothly flowing relationship.
Reversed: Sudden change: disinterest or sudden disliking of a previous hobby; Halting of a project before it takes off; Nipping a relationship in the bud.
Correspondences: Element: Water Direction: West Colors: Blue, Black, Sea-Green

Make your own LiveJournal Tarot Card!
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Sep. 7th, 2002 02:03 am
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Nothing has happened since I last left you fine people. But I *have* made a LiveJournal Trading Card. All bow before its greatness, muwahahahahahahahahaha!

Trading Cards
Free Account Edition
[ profile] pocky_addict
User Number: 695933
Date Created:9-6-02
Number of Posts: 1

Omittchi is the pyro-maniac of the Losers Club, and apt to bring any sane person to their knees in tears. The questions of wether or not this is a good thing remains an on-going debate. She is always keen to give people a good lashing of New York style sarcasim, so be on your guard if you're easily offended.
Strengths: Dry wit and humor, avid reader, manipulates words easily, tall but agile.
Weaknesses: Easily distracted by motorcycles, pocky, bishounen and shiny objects.
Special Skills: Any power move ripped off of Fatal Fury, Street Fighter, or 'borrowed' from Storm. The art of the all-powerful New York Sarcasim.
Weapons: The Plushie Katana of DOOM (tm), any large, blunt, heavy object in the immediate area.
Likes and Dislikes: Likes: Bishounen, pocky, friends, and laughing. Dislikes: Usagi, Hamptaro, and psychotic Bible-pushers who stalk me.

Make your own LiveJournal Trading Card!
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