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TB testing and physicals were both done today. Blood work can wait until I have health insurance again, otherwise we pay several hundred out of pocket that we really don't have. The rest of the exam was already $340. So all I need is for the negative results to be printed out on paper to send off, and my job will secured. As it is, the visa process should be starting tomorrow. Excitement.
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Because Interac wanted me to wait another three weeks for them to make a decision about me, I've decided to accept the job offer extended by Joytalk. Whether this will be the right choice in the long run remains to be seen. I have to wait for Mr. Harbourne to get back to me about it, but assuming all goes well I will be in Japan by March 24th to start training. I have an appointment set up to check me for TB already.

Meanwhile my dad starts yet another three weeks of radiation therapy on Monday. It's not fucking fair.
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I am now TESOL certified to corrupt the minds of young people -- I mean ...

Go me.

Has anybody heard of Joytalk? If you have, what are the reviews? Good, bad, might as well? And aside from the usual suspects (Aeon, Interac, JET, Nova) does anybody know of any other companies that hire abroad for their schools in Japan?
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My TESOL certificate class is ending. On Thursday. And all I can think is: Holy hell, when did that happen? I made it through my six hours of practice teaching with minimal damage to student's minds, at least. It's kind of funny, in a way, that for the last three months I've spent my time working on the concepts of a student-centered lesson, but for the most part the things I've worked on will be fairly useless - especially if I become an ALT.

Of course with the ending of the certificate course come the parents with their never-ending lectures and speeches (always the same thing said fourteen times in a span of five minutes. Quite impressive, really). Now it's talk about 'find a second job while you wait, send out your resumes NOW OR THEY'LL NEVER TAKE YOU'. 'Why are you still in my house', basically. Even though I've been working on the portfolio necessary for completing the course - as in, without it I don't get said certificate - I'm still getting my mother breathing down my neck to not do it and work on the applications for the various organizations instead. Yes, I realize that if I don't send them in, I don't get a job. But if I do send them in and don't get the certificate, three months just got wasted - not to mention money.

Still haven't done my Christmas shopping. Haven't been ice skating yet, either. At least I have better New Year's plans than 'squatting around Times Square in the freezing cold' or 'hanging out at home drinking by myself'. Hollywood Glamour at the Montauk Club it is. I'm thinking a mix of Katherine Hepburn, Veronica Lake, and Gloria Swanson. Now to buy some huge hair curlers, mousse and a metric ton of hair spray bottles.

Oh, and [ profile] sw_inku and I are considering a joint birthday party with an enforced dress code - probably of the Victorian/Edwardian period variety. Probably at Alice's and then in Central Park for photos, weather permitting, but it's still only in the preliminary planning.
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Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
Elyn grew up.♥ These ones only have two days to live if they don't T^T

I survived my first not-quite-lesson (playing 2 truths and a lie, and asking the students what 5 things they would bring to a deserted island). I think. According to the trainer we all did pretty well - apparently some participants in other courses have run out of the room crying.

The class of ten split into 2 groups of five, and my group is the one who gets the intermediate English speakers first (the other group getting the elementary). We'll switch half way through. It's nice having it this way because if nothing else I can give slightly more complex instructions and not have to worry about the students staring blankly at me.

Next week is the first lesson-lesson. Not sure what we're expected to teach - I assume we'll be told on Thursday so we can start coming up with ideas for Monday. At least I get a full weekend this week :D

Tonight, after I get off work, Theo and I will make our way bravely down to Joe's Pub to see Plastic People of the Universe - a band from 1960s and 70s Czech Republic, about whom Tom Stoppard wrote his play Rock n' Roll. I am quite excited for this.

Also if all goes well, mum and I should finally get up to the Cloisters on Friday. This assumes we don't get rained out again.
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Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
My dragons. ♥ They are cute and amazing and shouldn't die. ♥

In the TESOL world, I teach my first not-quite-lesson tomorrow D:
Really it's just two warmer activities, to get the class (and we have no idea how big that class will be) comfortable with each other. Still. NERVES. THEY OWN ME.

The iron and tape measure are mine (have been since yesterday). However, the fabric, I found, is warped. Also the guy cut it really funny, so the back of the chemise barely reaches my ankles, while the front is dragging on the floor. *sigh* The sleeves and neck ruffles, at least, if not the body of the chemise itself, will be salvagable.
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All my dragons have hatched.
Are they not adorable (if uninspiringly named)? ♥ Please click so they don't die. ♥

I need to go buy a cheap iron and a measuring tape. Apparently our old iron broke, and God only knows where the measuring tape went. Knowing mother, probably into the garbage - not that she'd ever admit to it. Ah well. Once those supplies are in hand I will be able to start work on my Chemise la Reine, which I will probably hand sew.

In teaching news, yesterday was an all day class. The only one we were scheduled to have, luckily, but still. Such a perfectly nice day was wasted in a room with no windows. But~ I teach my first 'getting to know you' activity on Tuesday to volunteer students. I teach my first lesson the Tuesday after. Fun stuff.
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Sorry, sorry. I will stop the Dragon Cave spamming bits eventually.

Adopt one today!
This one hatched! Now he needs to grow up.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
But these guys all need clicks or they will die. (Especially the green one.)

Real life wise:

I've started my TESOL class. My third class is today. By December 15th, assuming all goes well, I should be a certified Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages. Meaning I can get a job abroad. ESL in the public schools here is another matter entirely - one I don't really want to touch.

I like working in Amai. I wish I worked more than two shifts a week, but with the amount of work to be done for my class it's probably for the best. Once the class is done I'll be able to take more work shifts.

Rennaissance Faire was had last Sunday. It was fun as per usual - I actually saw the Queen this time, which I can't say has ever happened before. I finally bought a bodice; a nice one for a really good price all things considered. My wenchly outfit is complete - now to start on one of nobility! :3

More to be said when I think of it.


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