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Woah damn is Moose ever pitching a good game. (I was watching it in my parent's room) Some absolutely gorgeous pitches. I am pleased.

I'm also guilty of laughing sinisterly when I heard that Schilling lost his bid for a no-hitter in the 9th with two out. The only thing that kept me from laughing louder or longer was the fact that I was in a restaurant.

Still packing. Since I'm leaving at three, I figure there's no sense in me even trying to sleep. I'll figure something to keep me awake. Probably last minute packing.

[edit] Bobby, I love you. Let me have your babies. Kthxbai.

[edit #2] Alex, I love you and your cursing. Let me have your other babies. Kthxbai.

[edit #3] Now we're just being mean to them. I like it! <3

[edit #4] Right. Torre just became the first man in MLB history with 2000 hits as a player and 2000 wins as a manager. So, what's this about him being unable to manage?
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The packing is now done. Well, mostly. My toiletries are still out, because I'll need them tomorrow, but everything else is packed away. I can't believe I'm down to mere hours before I leave. Hopefully Heathrow stays open - it was closed for about three days due to heavy fog last week. I'm going to try to post pictures often, if not daily, but I won't be carrying my laptop around before I get to school so it'll be about a week before I am able to post them at all.

Should anyone care to get letters from me, I've got the school directory for those at school, and anyone else can e-mail me their address if I don't have it. Please leave a comment if you do/don't want to get letters and/or postcards.

Similarly on the communication front: I won't have my cell phone, so don't call it. I do, however, have Skype. If you have a microphone or external laptop speakers, it's a free download and it's free to "call" between computers. I'm on there as Laurelind.

Since I likely won't have access when these birthdays roll around ... )
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In spite of the whole not-being-Christian thing, it is now something of a custom for me to spend at least part of Christmas day with Fuu and have Christmas dinner at her house. It probably helps my delicate Jewish mentality (read: my father's) that her family is one of the most untraditional - for instance, dinner was eaten lounging on the couches and consisted of vegitarian lasanga, meatballs on the side, and garlic bread. Excellent, excellent stuff, but not the sort of thing one *coughmyfathercough* thinks of when thinking about Christmas.

Christmas day is also, ironically enough, the one day when my family is in the house at the same time for more than three hours at a time, and winds up having brunch together.

I've endorsed it before, but The History Boys is still one of the best things to happen to theatre - stage or otherwise. The movie is as good as the stage version, though there are considerable changes to how the story is shown on screen. The acting standard is fantastic, what with Frances de la Tour and Richard Griffiths leading the way, and the dialogue is still my favorite part. If you can find a theatre playing it, do go see it.

One and a half days (I leave at 6:30) until the plane takes off for England. The best part? I haven't finished packing. Yay!


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