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Most important: [ profile] slipperyliz, please forgive me. Skype didn't alert me to your call; or even your message! It only popped up this afternoon.

Last night [ profile] maikeru, [ profile] sw_inku, and I got together to see Shakespeare in the Park. I have wanted to go for many a summer, but it always seems never to happen. (Usually the only other people who express interest are my parents, or are unavailable.) The production was A Midsummer Night's Dream, which is usually not my favorite - it certainly isn't my favorite of his plays. This production was well acted, though, and the play within the play was the best part. It was certainly the funniest. The men playing Oberon and Puck are magicians in their spare time, apparently, because all their time on stage had such tricks as are found in a magic show. (They're quite good at it, too.) Theseus and Hippolyta were excellent as well - Theseus was very wry in delivery of much of his lines, and Hippolya played the amazon.

There were parts of monologues - Puck's at the end in particular - that they turned into songs, though, and those were a little ... off. The worst part was having two amature critics seated behind us. They wouldn't stop talking.

After the show [ profile] sw_inku and I walked out onto the wrong side of the park (Central Park West rather than Fifth Avenue) and so we found ourselves walking from 81st street to 42nd, plotting out a purposelly bad Yankee-high-school-drama manga. At 42nd we finally said 'enough' and went for the train. After getting ice cream from Cold Stone, because why waist a chance to go to Cold Stone and ingest everything that your mother tells you you shouldn't? I got home short

Off to go bury myself in writing. Or something.
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After two days of thankless and painful working for my dad (which always involves papercuts under my nails and the lifting of boxes twice my weight), I have been rewarded with shinies in the form of a new iPod. (Considering that my other one hasn't worked properly for the last year and a half, if not two years, I'd say it was about time.) It's black and slim and shiny and I have named it SakuSho, after Sho of Arashi, 'cause I'm an undignified fangirl like that.

Elle is a happy child right now.

On the other hand, Elle still hurts.
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I have completed the baking of a chocolate cake for Chanukkah dinner with my grandmother tomorrow night. Now to decorate the damn thing. And eeeeergh my feet hurt lots.

[edit] Cake is frosted and decorated. And holy shit I just got a brand new digikame (bah to no Japanese alphabet support)!!! It's got a freakin' 6x optical zoom! Eeeeeeeee!!! And what's great is that it's all disposable-camera-looking. [/edit]


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