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You know ... it always feels like I have no life to post about, when in reality it's more that I just don't remember to post about the days where interesting things happen, can't remeber all the details a week later, and feel slightly odd making a whole post about something that happened a week ago anyway.

Yay commas.

This past Hallowe'en I spent my time idling away the morning while picking out my outfit and getting dressed for a party at the Montauk Club. The party was set to start at 8 and continue until it ended, and as [ profile] odin_za_vseh was meeting with one of the other main players, James, and Naomi, I was invited to tag along for dinner before hand. I being me, and thus sure to get lost, am not one to turn down something like that, and met Theo at the library. We met with his friends not long after, and from the library it was down to the village for eats and then to the Montauk Club. Since we arrived early to the party, for Theo and James needed to dress for their part in the murder mystery, Naomi and I were given a quick tour of the club - an old, beautiful house that is absolutely a perfect setting for any sort of mystery. After the tour, we retired to the bathroom so that Naomi could change into her Halloween costume. The costume being what it was and requiring the make up and a guard for the bags, we were in there for nearly an hour, and by the time we emerged the party was much more in swing. In fact, we were only just ready to leave when Theo sent in someone to search for us to make sure we hadn't fallen into the toilets.

In short: Brilliant party.

Only two days after, Theo and I were once again to meet and dress up, this time for Weimar New York. A show which I am told has degenerated from what it has been in previous years, nevertheless was a delightful and fun night of a camp drag show and good company. I was kicked twice in the head for wearing one of Theo's furs with my dress, and we were complimented for being a "proper little Weimar couple" by Flotilla DeBarge, who at that point had taken over as hostess for Lady Bunny. Plus, the night came with Theo's Russian pie - the name of which I couldn't even begin to pretend I can pronounce or type out. Let's just say it was delicious, and I ate it happily for breakfast for the next two days.

Coming up next: [ profile] lady_gemma and her friend sleep on my floor for a week as both audition for Avex. My parents, meanwhile, are going to Aruba.

Oh. And I'm finally reading The Three Musketeers, and loving it.
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Tomorrow I have the only midterm I will have for this term. It is for my stage craft class, which means it's on a lot of stuff that I already know. Hopefully this will go well, given that the class doesn't have many other ways to get grades.

Tomorrow I will also be leaving for Bjorklunden, so I won't be around for the weekend. Which means YamaTarou episode 5 needs to download NOW so I can have it for watching. Bjorklunden is exciting, because it means bonfire and s'mores. We may also be taking more vampire pictures.

I still have no costume for Hallowe'en. I can probably throw together a cheap vampire-slayer-secret-agent-thing from my clothes. Which reminds me; I need to finish that mockup kimono.

Alison Hagy is on campus. I sat through a Q&A with her after class. She's actually pretty engaging as a speaker. It was a nice time. Food was provided and all that jazz. There was a full bottle of Coke that I was allowed to take with me. That should last all week, if not longer.
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Halloween truly is the time when maturity is abandoned in the face of candy. And why not? Damn it, I'm 16 and I'm still dressing up and beating little kids to get at the candy. And proud of it! Take today.

Our school is great, 'cause we get to dress up and walk through school in our costumes. Most of the teachers are smart and don't bother trying to teach, but there are always exceptions. Take my math teacher, for instance. She gave us a lesson on imaginary numbers. Ooooo, so scary. The school day is really short, too! We got out at, like, one o' clock!

Piccolo came back to my house after school; she, Stephanie, Dana and I were going to trick or treat in my building. Most of the residents put the candy in baskets for the kids, so they never know. She and I had lunch at McDonalds' and then she came to my voice lesson. The whole time I was dressed normally but for one small thing: my ears. I am an Elf, according to my costume, and it only made sense that my ears should be pointed. (Yesterday Piccolo came over and helped me make them.) But I couldn't take them off, so I walked around the city with them. It was fun.

And then the best part: Trick or Treating. Dana, Stephanie, Piccolo and I ran around my building, trying to get to the candy before the little people did. That resulted in complete chaos. Steph got greedy and started trying to take everything before the rest of us could, so we began running to overtake her. She cleared out the 5th floor by herself! Dana and I collided at least twice during the evening, and Piccalo was trying not to get trampled by us. We even almost took this 9 year old's candy!

Maturity? Who needs it? *laughs evilly*


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