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Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
So close to them all being hatched. Please keep clicking so they grow up and don't die. ♥

I am convinced that dentists are of the devil, with their pointy little hooks that they dig into your gums and then remark about how you're bleeding. Why yes, I did have an appointment today, why do you ask?
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I love it when Girardi makes fun of Kay in the booth almost as much as I hate Youkilis and his giant bald head.
(Kay: "I think they might be mathematically eliminated."
Girardi: "That might be what the x means on your standings card.")

I love it more when Matsui hits home runs to nearly-dead center.

Oh, and I suffered through the dentist today. That was fun. Not.
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I no longer have my top two wisdom teeth. The whole procedure took about ten minutes - this includes the time it took for the novacane to work. I also am in surprisingly little pain, though I've got wedges of gauze stuffed up my mouth and it's hard to eat. The good dentist decided not to supply me with drugs, but as yet I don't need them.

I'm at 30,300 words on my NaNoWriMo.

I sent in the draft of my paper to my professor.

I should be able to eat on Thanksgiving.

I've got old baseball games to watch.

I'm good to go.
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Praised be, for Mike Mussina returns to the Yankees for the next two years. Two years at $23 million, as opposed to going on the FA market where he could probably have gotten a four year/$45+ million deal. I love you, Moose.

Also, I have returned safely to New York - and on this holiest of days have gotten my luggage on time. You see what Moose does? He's magic, man, I'm telling you. On no other day would I have gotten my luggage on the same day as returning home.

On the down side, I am due to have my tooth pulled at 4:00 PM Tuesday. This rather sucks.


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