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I find myself sitting here at the computer terminal with an extra twenty minutes of time thanks to a fifty pence piece that Dana decided to gift me with. (Read: Thought she was using it on herself, but missed the right slot for her computer.) So I thought I'd give another quick update on absolutely nothing, because neither of us have anything better to do. So far the plan is to attempt to stay awake all night, in an attempt to be awake tomorrow morning rather than risk sleeping until four again. Given that the travel from Cardiff to Glasgow is about five hours, there should be more than enough time to sleep on the train.

Cardiff during the day is rather boring, as I've said, but the night-life is pretty impressive. Walking down the main street yielded a bar or club every other door with music pouring out into the streets. It makes an for an interesting mix of songs like My Humps fading into songs like Uptown Girl as you walk.

There's a nice sort of TV-room in the hostel, where Dana and I watched about three-fourths of Dirty Dancing before hunger hit. Unfortunately once the clubs open all the restaurants seem to close. We wound up at McDonald's. Never would say this normally, but thank God for it.
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Wanna hear something sick? After going to sleep at approximately 11 or 12 on December 28, I awoke the next day. At four PM. On December 29. God, now it's going to be even harder time getting a normal sleeping schedule going. I haven't slept that long since I was getting over jet lag from China. I suppose in some ways it's for the good of my trip. Cardiff is just the littlest bit boring, being dotted with shopping arcades but not much else. There is the Cardiff Castle, but it closed at four, so of course we missed it. We'll have to go tomorrow.

Also, the keyboards at the hostel are god-awful to type on. And we had the scariest time at a Subway I will ever have, with a woman behind the register who was more like the Soup Nazi than anything else.
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I write to you from merry olde England. This will be a brief update, as I fear for my coherency level. Dana and I left at approximately 7:00 - naturally about twenty minutes late. We touched down at Heathrow at 6:10 in the morning, and finally got out of the airport (after customs and all) at around 7:50-8:00. We took the only cab we will take to the school so I could drop off my huge fuck-off suitcase of stuff and laptop. Then we took the Circle Line to Paddington station and then got on the train to Cardiff. I'm typing from our youth hostel. I also technically haven't slept since 10:00 yesterday morning. The worst part is that it's only two in the afternoon. I'm afraid to sleep now because I don't want to get jet lag. Bah.

Cardiff is a nice city, but small. It is full of shopping arcades, but neither Dana nor I are interested in shopping at the moment. The stores can all be found in America, anyway.

[ profile] deviliknow, your challenge 'fic is progressing nicely. It's at about four pages now.

And now I die at the computer station.


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