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So from yesterday, they decided to keep dad in the hospital overnight and today. They'll keep him tonight and pending nothing drastic happens they'll release him after his radiation tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow is also my last work shift at Amai, which depending on the results of tonight, I may or may not actually work. I'll probably actually miss working there, and all of the crazy customers coming in, snapping at me like I'm a dog, demanding their pre-made hot chocolate be remade with soy milk, complaining that they drove all the way to the store so how could we possibly have sold out of cupcakes?!

... Then again, I probably won't miss it.

Onto less emo-whining things, I've written three 'fics for the JE [ profile] happygayspring anonymeme. Three! I only ever write one at most for these things. I also posted two requests, which other people seem to want, but nobody has written ;o; Oh well. There will be other memes and I will keep requesting \o/

Also I apparently have the look of a kindergarten teacher, if an elderly man sitting in a cafe can be trusted. (He was talking with his sister about teachers, and turned to me to ask if I was by chance, a teacher.) I know, I know. Me and children - who would be dumb enough to put me in charge of them?

I've spent quite a lot of time going through my JE magazines and pulling out the Arashi posters to bring with me, and going through the TV guides and simply pulling out the Arashi pages. Now I should perhaps actually start packing XD
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In the last few weeks my wardrobe has become bigger than it ever was in the last 20 years due to the increase in my working clothes. I have my first ever proper suit. I also have more pairs of shoes than I ever have had in my life. It's mind boggling to look at.

Grant is booking me a hotel for the days that I'll be in Utsunomiya prior to the training. Apparently we train in the next prefecture over, but they collect all the new recruits as close to their headquarters as possible to make that move easier. At the end of training they ship us out to our apartments - still no word on where I'll be shipped to, though. I'm thinking that 2 suitcases is the absolute maximum I want to take with me on the plane, and I don't think I want my parents to have to ship much of anything, so now I have to spend the next few weeks parsing out my room into the Things I Can't Live Without and Other.

HMV shipped my CxDxG no Arashi vol. 1 & 2 today, with my Arashi calendar. Yes, I know. I'm a dork. But the DVDs were on saaaaaaale orz
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I could have done my own review of my weekend, but why do that when there is an epic review of epic right here, including pictures already?

So I will say instead that I have spent far too much money this weekend, and have eaten more than I usually do in a week in three days. Also this: Sho. WHY SO PRETTY?!?!?!?!
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To anybody who might be looking for me this weekend (all one of you) - a short notice of weekend hiatus. From Thursday evening to Sunday afternoon I won't be around - it's Anime Central time :D

See you all when I get back <3

For the Arashi fans/Chinen dislikers )
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I just came back from class to the most wonderful text message ever. Pardon me while I hyperventiliate in fangirl glee, but ... FREESTYLE IS MINE!!!

There are not icons enough to express my joy at this moment.
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I've been making Arashi icons for a while, mostly for my own entertainment, and I figured: Hey, I might as well put them here. Not like they're going anywhere else.

These are all of Aiba )
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Ne, [ profile] fincalian: More Arashi for you here, if you are so inclined to read. It's Ohno/Nino.

In other news, I have successfuly survived another Yom Kippur. With only a break for coffee this morning. My mom took one, too, so I blame her XD
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さっきね, 本当にすごい雨が降った. 母の薔薇の花びらが散っていた. ちょっと悲しい.

次: 嵐の[ALL Or NOTHING ~Ver.1.02~]と言う歌の歌詞の中, "You know what I mean" の文句がある. でもね, 発音は "らーめん" の発音みたい. 歌いながら, 翔-さんは[おなかすいた]と思ったかなー.

Pocari Sweat飲みたい.
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Finished watching Haikei, Chichiue-sama. Spent the whole time thinking about the various ways Ban (from Bambino!, played by Jun) and Ippei (Haikei's main character, played by Nino) could meet conveniently ignoring the girls in said dramas. And proceed on to smut-ing.

Why yes, Arashi rainbows have eaten my brain - why do you ask?
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[君はペット]を見ながら, AU 'fic を書くのことで考える, だめ? 嵐のメンバーの方を使っている?

Is it bad that I watch Kimi wa Petto and start thinking about the AU 'fic that could be made of it? Using Arashi?

またいつか嵐の pic spam で働くの筈. すごく楽しんでるのため.

At some point I really should work on a pic spam of them. Just for the great fun of it.

I miss Pocari Sweat.
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今週 毎日, 毎日 雨が降っていた. 大変だよ~!

このエントリについて, 多分日本語のほうがいい.
でも, 翻訳がないけど, 英語で書くの筈.
じゃ, 行くわよ.

I'm getting sick of these grey skies and cold temperatures. I would like some real summer, plz, kthxbai.

I have succumbed. Arashi is too lovey-lovey for me to keep my hands away from the computer keyboard anymore. (What? I'm supposed to not coo when they hold hands and sleep curled around each other in the same futon? Or when they caress each other in their new PV?) And so? I write things like band RPF.

I'm going to hell.

But we knew that already, right?
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I suppose I should have more to say, but I really don't. Other than seeing my 'nee-chan two days ago, I've been doing a lot of sitting in the house and watching 嵐 (arashi) clips on youtube. Take five guys in their twenties who are pleasing to look at (I wouldn't call any of them 'drop dead sexy' but damn could I look at them all day) add dork squared and multiply that by twenty million and pop, and you have them. It's fun. I mean, what other fandom gives you the name for the OTP? (Ohno and Ninomiya had a comedy duo where they called themselves Ohmiya. I admit here and now that they make me coo to the same effect that Robbie and Melky do.)

Also, from a musical stand point, you could really do much worse.

Oh, and have I mentioned lately how estatic I've been about the latest Yankees games? No? I'll have to do something about that.


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