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Today as I was cleaning up and packing up my room I unearthed a box.

This box was totally buried under a bunch of old journals, books on spelling and grammar that are each 30 years old, a series of pocket English-French and English-Japanese dictionaries, and a pocket version of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

This box?

Contained FLOPPY A-DRIVE DISKS. FLOPPIES YOU GUISE. From my junior high days, if the labeling is at all right. But. But. FLOPPY DISKS. I don't even know why I still had them XD
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A moment of bizzar 'a buwah?'

Attempted to get a milkshake from the campus Union Center. Realized that there are no plastic lids for cups where people can get them. They're hidden behind the counter, behind the candy bars.

Of all the things to hide from people, why would you choose platsic cup lids?
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Hold on.



I get on the 'Net for the first time since Osaka and what do I come back to? THE DODGERS?! Scott to THE DODGERS?!?! What the HELL?!

Cashman, for the first time in a while, I really hate you. You couldn't have just let me come back to A-Rod's 500th homerun or that now we're only .5 back from the Wild Card, could you? Ergh.


Anyway, I'm in Nagoya now. I still have about fifteen million pictures that haven't made it up yet, I know, but those'll have to wait. Last night as a group we had a Great Picture Exchange, so I have to go through everyone's pictures and delete what I can, first. Also I'm in a Marriott above the JR Takashimaya, and it's exciting to walk through it and poke at stuff. Especially the Sanseido CD section.

Tomorrow afternoon I board the plane to California and begin my 16 jikan-gurai journey home. Yay economy.
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In an attempt to heat milk on a portable stove/oven, I managed to explode the mug. God I would kill for a microwave. Moose is unimpressed with me.

That is all.
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Not sure who told Hollywood it was a good idea, but they appear to be making a sequel to Bruce Almighty. The new one will be called Evan Almighty, and will not star Jim Carrey in any way, shape, or form. Morgan Freeman is back, though. It's due out sometime next summer.

Also, not that this will come as a surprise to anyone except maybe the people who run the place, but the Downer dishroom is no longer a safe place to work. Last year the dishwasher was falling apart, the whole place tried to flood us out, and the staff was trying to take our heads off with projectiles. Now the food disposal thingy is spewing out health-hazardous orangy liquids when turned on and the first scraper is forced to rely upon the plunger for his or her well being. It's not pretty.


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