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Success! After two nights of being terrorized by a mosquito that woke me up continually by buzzing in my ear (2:30 and 5:30 in the mornings yesterday and today), this morning upon waking with my alarm I completed an admirable counter-attack and the little bugger is dead in my trash.

Seriously, I don't know how these things get in here - my window has a screen and even so stays closed most of the time. My door is always shut. Those are the only two entrances (that I have control over). Stupid bugs.
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I've realized that I fail very hard at applications.

I waited far too long to ask professors to be my references, and nearly broke down over that. It worked out in the end and I got the second one. But now that excitement is going to have been in vain.

Because I forgot the letter of enrollment that I need. Which apparently has to be done by the school secretary, who isn't in on Friday, and won't be in until Monday. And guess what? The application is due on Monday. At 5:30. Who knows when that letter will be done?

I have everything but that damn letter, in all their triplicates and blood signings.

Yeah. I fail. I fail hard. Ohno is not impressed by me. Neither am I. I'm gonna go in this corner and be depressed for a while.
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In an attempt to heat milk on a portable stove/oven, I managed to explode the mug. God I would kill for a microwave. Moose is unimpressed with me.

That is all.


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