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Just a thought. After this year, if I hear any talk about trading Melky rumors, I may have to choke a bitch.

Also, curry pasta: still really good.

Went to see the senior project last night - Complete Works of Shakespeare: Abridged. It is still absolutely hilarious. Even though there were five instead of three, the cast was fantastic. My favorite part remains Hamlet abridged.

In other news, there is no other news.

I want school done now kthxbai.
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A moment of bizzar 'a buwah?'

Attempted to get a milkshake from the campus Union Center. Realized that there are no plastic lids for cups where people can get them. They're hidden behind the counter, behind the candy bars.

Of all the things to hide from people, why would you choose platsic cup lids?
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Well, I'm back at school. Actually got back last night about 6, but was far too zoned out to do anything productive. Lots of travel will do that. Mexico was fantastic, however, and I love [ profile] hikarineko's mother. Pictures may follow once I get everything unpacked and sorted.

Apparently the registrar has appointed Professor Sung to be my shiny new advisor - he makes three. Ugh. I don't need three advisors. So it's on to frantically exchanging e-mails with professors and trying to get three holds taken off and all that good stuff. Ahhh, school.
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When boredom strikes, meme.

What dog breed are you? I'm a Jack Russell Terrier! Find out at

So close to being done with finals. Don't have my monologues memorized and haven't finished painting all of my costume design plates. Ergh. Want over now plzkthxbai.
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I love it when people on a college campus are brilliant enough to think that it's funny to come pounding on doors pretending to be the police and telling people that they're under arrest. And not letting up for nearly five minutes. And choosing the door across the hall from mine.

No, really.
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I dispise 6:50 fire alarm wake up calls. Especially when they apparently come from someone smoking in a goddamn bathroom.
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And now for a tl;dr post of random stuff, because I fail at finding anything else to update about.

I had my yearly bout of sickness this week - always a fun thing. It was coming on for a while - I could feel it in my throat - but really decided to come for my head on Monday. Luckily my teacher was unable to make it back to campus in time for my classes, so I didn't have to go, and then I took Tuesday off to drink enough tea that I think I've replaced my blood with it, wrap up in a sweater, and not do anything. That didn't work as well as I would have liked, but it did allow me to drag my ass to classes for the rest of the week.

Yesterday was the first day where I didn't have to blow my nose every twenty seconds, and this morning I didn't wake because of coughing or a pressing need to blow my nose before I suffocated, so I think it's pretty much done with. This is pleasing.

I still haven't seen Blood Wedding. I have to do that today so I can write a paper about it for Tuesday. I've seen a little of the script - the dialog is absolutely mystifying. It doesn't sound remotely natural. As long as it's better than Las Meninas was, I'll be happy.

Lastly. Spanish playwrights of the 1600s? Specifically Calderon? Really liked their characters to hear themselves talk. Good lord.
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Ah, reading period. Four days to kick back, relax, practice my scene for a final, do four day's worth of research on Kabuki, read a text book chapter and a play, and study vocabulary via the Stanislavski System.

Oooh boy!
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The second floor of Colman is now declared Communist. I continue to be amazed my the ninja skills of the people who post these things. I went to the bathroom and none were there. My roommate went to the bathroom and came back to signs above the name tags on our doors that say 'comrade'.

In the bathroom there are signs about Communism and the Pope, and J. Beck and French radicals. Copies of the hammer and sickle have been posted on every stall door.

But my Karishnikov. It is not long. *sadface*

Where are my Rasputins? Also ... Can I declare myself Czar instead and counter-coup the Bolsheviks? We could re-write history!
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Just had to go see a modern dance troupe who didn't even have the decency to pretend to be a tree in the wind. Aside from one piece which was broken into two bits, where they were mimicing a dance coach's style of moving, and a piece where it was mostly their heads and fifties dancing, they just flailed a lot. I was about ready to sleep when it finally ended, which was kind of sad because the whole thing was only an hour and a half long.

I probably won't remember it by Wednesday, which is when we have to discuss it. Le sighe.

Came back to find that the frat boys are out pledging tonight. Why would you want to pledge on a night where the temperature is ZERO? Why?

So I shut myself in my room and had sake in a tiny tea cup. It was quite nice.
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Today was finally my turn to be critiqued in creative writing. )
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This whole "now it works, now it doesn't" game the internet is playing is really starting to piss me off. Really. Seriously. Pissing. Me. Off. I think I've spent more time connected via the unsecured wireless somewhere around the edge of campus than I have connected via the actual network, but I couldn't say, because sometimes Ninomi tells me I'm connected to the wireless and the internet still doesn't work. And what's fantastic? The dorm computer lab (where I am at the moment) has internet, 'cause otherwise I couldn't be posting.

This is very, very, very, very uncool. And it needs to stop.
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Yaaaaaaaaaaay. I can has interwebs in my room again. Sort of. Because apparently I'm still just connected to the wireless that comes from somewhere across the street. We'll see how long this lasts.

So classes are off and running. I know already that I'm going to like stage craft the best, so long as I remember to keep my mouth shut about baseball. Professor no can has Yankees love, ("The Yankees need to go away," he said right off), but I get to do my lab hours in the costume shop. So, here's hoping the best.

Creative Writing isn't so much creative writing as it is This Is Professor God's Class And You Will Write What I Want You To Write 101. Science-fiction and fantasy have no place in this class, as they are merely 'genre works' wherein the author pays attention not to their story, but to the 'rules' of their working 'genre'. He's already singled me out to ask me if I think I'll be okay writing something that takes place on earth. As they say: He don't know me very well, do he? Conclusion: He's getting porn for my submissions. That's it. Porn.

And Playscript Analysis, while long (one of those two-hour classes), sounds like it will probably be interesting. It would be a lot more so if Conkeys would GET THE SCRIPTS. You know. Maybe. So I can read them and all.

Went to a rock show yesterday and came away with much shiny jewelry. It is pleasing. Oktoberfest (or however they write it) came and went as well, and I missed most of it. Not too upset; mostly I'm sad that I missed funnel cake.

No more baseball until Thursday :0
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Well, here we are, back and settled for a last year at this institute of learning they call Lawrence University. Moving in was surprisingly hassle-free this year, with our bags coming at the right time, and we like our room well enough. It's bigger than our Kohler single of last year, and the bed far less army-surplus-cot-like.

Alas, however, we miss the last six Yankees games of the regular season. We will follow on the inter-webs (of which the workings were explained in picture to us last night XD).

[edit] And apparently Igawa will clinch the playoffs. *hugs the Scooter Squirrel*
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And so I return to the land that is Appleton, Wisconsin, and begin another term of studies. At least this term I'm in Kohler hall once more. The single is smaller, sure, but this is much better than being in the isolation of Trever. Also the weather is freakin' warm, which was quite nice to come back to. Perhaps my planned tea party won't have to wait until May or June.

I've had one class so far, Intro to East Asian Linguistics, which promises to be very interesting. It also promises to kill me with reading, but I'll see what I can do about staying alive.

I have also done my first round of shopping - hopefully it will last me longer than a week - and I shall go to a work meeting (that will NOT be at Downer, thank God) at 4:30 and be all 'give me a job, bitch'. Except not really, because I actually want the money.
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This is not a complaint, merely an observation: This really does not feel like school. In any sense of the word.

I feel like I'm at some sort of deranged winter camp - like there should be activities/classes but there aren't. Yesterday was supposed to be my first class of British Musical Renaissance, but the professor had some sort of appointment and so couldn't make it. So instead I just had my first official class of Intro to Theatre, but the class is from 16:00 to 17:45, so I had nothing all morning. Then today I was supposed to have 19th C Art and Design from 14:15 to 17:45, but the professor didn't show up, so instead I was able to find my way to Goldsboro Books - a store specializing in first and signed editions of fantasy and crime genre books. It's kind of dangerous for me to feel this way, because I'm so comfortable I know I'll wind up neglecting my work if a feeling of 'this is school' doesn't set in.

The lovely thing about my intro to theatre class is that we go to a show a week - and in fact we're going to two this week. We just saw The Seafarer last night. We're off to see Dick Whittington and His Cat tomorrow night. Twelfth Night, The History Boys, Cabaret, Ghosts, The Seagull, Coram Boy, Attempts on Her Life, There Came a Gypsy Riding and The Merry Wives of Windsor are also on the program. Merry Wives we will see at Stratford-upon-Avon, with Judy Dench! There's only one problem with it. It's been turned into a musical.

Friends and FamilyA+
Finance / CareerA
Your Life's Average Grade: A
'What is your Life Grade?' at

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First thing's first:

And ... I guess Pavano can have a happy birthday as well. *grumblegrumble* But more importantly: Happy birthday to me! Not that anyone in Britain gives a wank, but I have reached full legality in America, so that when I return I shall be able to drink you all under the table. (Or not, because honestly, it's far too expensive for me to want to.) I can also finally open the present from my parents that has been sitting on my table since Friday, daring me to open it before my birthday day.

I appear to have developed a bit of an obsession with a program called Torchwood - a spin off of Dr. Who. The sad part? I've only seen the season finale. Yes, finale. And as far as I can see they're not playing reruns yet. *Sighe*

Off to do some actual shopping so I don't live on spaghetti and garlic salt all term. Also to do my laundry - I finally found the laundrette, and it's stupidly far away. So is the grocery, for that matter, but oh well.
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Huzzah for London, for I am here!

I have no idea why I just wrote that. Anyway. Moved into what is to be my new four-story-walk-up home; at least for the next ten weeks. I'm not on the fourth floor, at least. ... I'm on the third. And there's a small mezzanine. And I had to carry my two bags up, and my laptop, and let me tell you I'm going to have some fantastic legs by the time I walk out of here.

The room is rather like a hostel room, as I have a bunk-bed even though I have no roomate. There's also a closet tucked into a corner by what used to be a fireplace (now it's blocked off), so only one of the doors opens fully. I've got a mini-fridge, a microwave, and a sink, and enough dishes for one person. The laundrette prices are fantastically ridiculous, so I'll wind up having to either wash half my clothes by hand or hope to get a job. Similarly I have to either eat out or cook for myself. Hello Mac n' Cheese.

Before I can start putting pictures up, I have to find an electronics shop and buy a proper adapter - the one I have doesn't fit the plugs in the room. Hopefully I'll find that within the next week, as for the next two days I have orientation, and classes start on Monday. Currently I'm in the computer room, listening to something that sounds kind of like coins dropping or a high-hat. It's a bit annoying.

Not much else to report, so I'll finish here. 'Till later.
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Costume pulling is fun ... for about the first five minutes. After that it just gets really tiring. You have to walk back and forth, up and down the aisles, and you have to keep taking stuff and putting it back 'cause you can never find the right thing for the right look. And if it's a period play, everything has to be from the right period in time, so you're limited to certain racks. And, naturally, fuck if I know what the "proper" look for the various time periods are in the first place - I'm just there to check off what we've found.

All I wanna do is design and make the costumes. That's it. Do I get to? No. It would be so much easier if I just had a sewing machine ... *goes off to bother parents*

I'm also really scared right now. Tomorrow is the first parent/teacher night, and I'm going with my 'rents, and I'm gonna have to face Mr. Knorr. I just had my first test, and I don't know how well/poorly I did and the essay I wrote today was pure shit and and and ... *passes out*

Oh, and just 'cause everone needs to know ...

Fatal Fury
For good times in Southtown, call up the Fatal Fury

Which King of Fighters 2000 team do you belong in?
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Check is in the mail, I'm pre-registered for Otakon 2003!!! And I gave the other form to Piccolo today, so her's should go out tomorrow mornin'. But that's not really why I'm so happy right now.

See, I just got my first math test back today ... GUESS WHAT THE GRADE WAS!?!?!? GUESS GUESS GUESS!!!


*does the Happy Dance* Do you know what this means?! It means that my *math* grade, of all grades, is likely gonna pull up my entire average!



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