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So, um, holy shit major changes in Japanese government: The LDP is out.

Also, I don't think I mentioned, but I have Symi pictures up now. These go along with the Athens and Rhodes pictures I already put up. I still have Turkey pictures to add.

Why no, I can't sleep, why do you ask?
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I have created an album of my Athens pictures. It's here, if you care to see it. It's only 41 of 100-something pictures, but I think it gives a nice idea of what there is to see in Athens.
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[ profile] sw_inku and I went to the Museum of Natural History yesterday - where I haven't been in ages. We didn't just go, however. We went in style.

Funnily there was supposed to be a whole group in dress - the original intent of going was to meet up with them. We got there a bit late, as per usual, however, and not once in four hours did we see the others. It was sad - I really wanted to meet up with everyone.

Naturally, of course, it rained all day yesterday: just to make things fun. We couldn't take the pictures we wanted to because of it. My poor camera kept getting wet because it didn't fit into my bag.
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In a moment of vanity, and pulling pictures off my camera from Japan, I realized there were more pictures of me and London that I hadn't yet posted.

Fake cut to five new pictures of me from the Pirates premiere. They're at the end of the list.

The London album has new pictures, and a brand new album. This new album includes the Peter Pan statue.

Last on the photograph side, my Japan album has begun. More pictures will be added as I take them, of course

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A quick little thing to show you my bohemian life, in which you can see the evil that is the oven/stove thing. )


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