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So then. Yesterday as a part of our BLC (British Life and Culture) class, the whole of us went on a day trip. Naturally this meant waking at 8:00 to be on the road by 8:30 - not pleasing. The weather, however, has become quite beautiful since Thursday, and so we spent the morning in Warwick Castle, taking in country air and tea under the shadows of the towers. Then we were off to Stratford-upon-Avon, birthplace of one William Shakespeare. Stratford-upon-Avon actually served two purposes for us: one of which was to see Merry Wives: The Musical - surprisingly well done and starring Dame Judy Dench as Mistress Quickly - and the other to see a bit of Shakespeare's life. The house in which he was born still stands, as does the church he was registered with and the cottage of one Anne Hathaway. Shakespeare's own home, built after he returned from London, was torn down in the period after his death but the garden he made is still there, and it's quite lovely. Our time there went on from 14:00 'till we left. The musical lasted from 19:30 to almost 23:00 and was above all entertaining. Dame Judy Dench would be a far better singer if she could keep time, but for one of her age she has a surprisingly strong voice.

I suppose the nicest part about everything was that the sun was out all day - and the sun is still out, just in time for us to see a football match between local teams. Should be quite the experience.

And to end off with: )
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This is not a complaint, merely an observation: This really does not feel like school. In any sense of the word.

I feel like I'm at some sort of deranged winter camp - like there should be activities/classes but there aren't. Yesterday was supposed to be my first class of British Musical Renaissance, but the professor had some sort of appointment and so couldn't make it. So instead I just had my first official class of Intro to Theatre, but the class is from 16:00 to 17:45, so I had nothing all morning. Then today I was supposed to have 19th C Art and Design from 14:15 to 17:45, but the professor didn't show up, so instead I was able to find my way to Goldsboro Books - a store specializing in first and signed editions of fantasy and crime genre books. It's kind of dangerous for me to feel this way, because I'm so comfortable I know I'll wind up neglecting my work if a feeling of 'this is school' doesn't set in.

The lovely thing about my intro to theatre class is that we go to a show a week - and in fact we're going to two this week. We just saw The Seafarer last night. We're off to see Dick Whittington and His Cat tomorrow night. Twelfth Night, The History Boys, Cabaret, Ghosts, The Seagull, Coram Boy, Attempts on Her Life, There Came a Gypsy Riding and The Merry Wives of Windsor are also on the program. Merry Wives we will see at Stratford-upon-Avon, with Judy Dench! There's only one problem with it. It's been turned into a musical.

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Costume pulling is fun ... for about the first five minutes. After that it just gets really tiring. You have to walk back and forth, up and down the aisles, and you have to keep taking stuff and putting it back 'cause you can never find the right thing for the right look. And if it's a period play, everything has to be from the right period in time, so you're limited to certain racks. And, naturally, fuck if I know what the "proper" look for the various time periods are in the first place - I'm just there to check off what we've found.

All I wanna do is design and make the costumes. That's it. Do I get to? No. It would be so much easier if I just had a sewing machine ... *goes off to bother parents*

I'm also really scared right now. Tomorrow is the first parent/teacher night, and I'm going with my 'rents, and I'm gonna have to face Mr. Knorr. I just had my first test, and I don't know how well/poorly I did and the essay I wrote today was pure shit and and and ... *passes out*

Oh, and just 'cause everone needs to know ...

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Today was my first time over at P-chan's place. Met mommy and daddy for the first time. Conclusion: very cool people. Also met P-chan's brother Dom, who saw me and ran (apparently he was wearing no pants).

To make everything perfect, Fuu-chan and I sucessfully managed to annoy the hell out of him on our way to the train station as we were leaving. One of our infamous "yes, no" arguments, which we save especially for him =^-^=

Finally saw Hurikanger (is that how you spell it?) while I was at P-chan's. I have decided that I'm cute as the dark blue ranger. I get a kick ass transformation, nice clothes, and look good with long hair. Then my partner (*clears throat and looks at FUU-CHAN pointedly*) tries to kill me. Yay.

In other news: Decided to take the tests to find out which Hack//SIGN and Hellsing characters I am, 'cause I saw them on Fuu-chan's and P-chan's entries. These are the results, though I have no idea who they are =^-^=

Which Hellsing character are you?

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Once again I missed anime club. Brendan decided that since he has tennis practice or a game or something that he needed to come today instead of tomorrow like he was originally going to.


On the brighter side, I saw 24, which was awesome! Last week they showed a preview of Jack (Kiefer Sutherland, and I really hope I spelled that right), on the plane with the bomb. He was going to fly the plane to the point that had been chosen for detonation, 'cause it couldn't be defused. But today they showed George Mason had snuck on the plane (he was already about to die from radiation poisoning) and so he took it down instead. 'Cause you can't kill the hero, man, especially not one as cool as Jack!

By the way, to anyone who watches 24, am I the only one who thinks that the storyline of Kim (Jack's daughter) is the weakest point of the show?

Oh, and just 'cause everyone needs to know ...

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 i am; cloudy

Take the test at

I don't think I'm cloudy, necessarily, unless I wanna be. Eh *shrugs*

Gotta love KaZaA, man. Been on a downloading spree lately, found the Midsommer Murders episode that Orlando Bloom was on. He's a fiesty, bad mouthed little boy in that thing =^-^= Also found much of the MTV TRL that featured the four main hobbits and two Elves of Lord of the Rings.

*Points at self* Is very pleased!
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You are Yu~ki! Nice hair man!
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Saw P-chan's and Piccalo's results, and so decided to take myself. Dude, P-chan, we nearly have the full band.

In school news: I failed math. I'm taking it over.

Fuck. Bloodymotherfuckinbitchsonofawhoreratbastardcuntinghell (how's my language XD).

On the other hand, I'm in AP American History and Creative Writing Honors English. Teachers are pretty much cool: Knorr for Am. Hist - he's got that dry sort of humor which cracks me up, Paul and Mr. Lewis - tech, duh, Kay - Mood Swinging English Teacher to the rescue!!!, Srebnich for that hateful thing we call gym, and some dude named Kaplon for math. Seems fairly decent, too.

Eh *shrugs* doesn't mean I'm happy about repeating the fucking class.
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So which hobbit are you? Hmm??

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So which LOTR woman are you? Hmm??

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So which LOTR Man are you? Hmm??

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So which fairy tale archetype are you? Hmm??

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Okay, just a little post to let everyone know who I'd be in movies. 'Cause we all know that I have very little of a true life and I'm obsessed with on line quizes.

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What "Wander" Character are you?


Ehehehe . . . I'm cute. Oh, and much thanks to Vonnie for making my layout, which is absolutely gorgeous! You shall all be graced with it as soon as Fuu-chan uploads it to her server so it can be remote-linked or whatever. So, Vonnie, e-mail it to her!!!

I just took my English Regents, Part One. NYAAAAAA!!! It's fuckin' bullshit! It's sooooooooooo fucking stupid. And it doesn't even test anything other than how well I can read their stupid fucking directions! New York is the only God-damned state that even has regents anymore, so their purpose is obsolete. It's not like they [colleges] can actually use them to compare me to anyone.

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Taken Many Bizarre Quizzes Lately?
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