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New Year's meme yanked from [ profile] capncosmo, because I am a sheep. Also apparently incapable of summing up my year without the help of prompts.

Musing on last year... )
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A belated happy new year to all! ♥

I really should have posted sooner, rather than waiting until two hours before my Joytalk interview, but I only just got my camera back from [ profile] sw_inku, who walked away with it after our dance, on Saturday, and I need the distraction.

The New Year was spent comfortably warm and dressed to the nines at the Montauk Club, at my second Dances of Vice event and [ profile] sw_inku's first (technically). Delicious finger foods and good wine was had, wall-flowering was done (as per usual) and there were some absolutely lovely performances.

And I have pictures! See them here.

And what's this? January 8 ... is in three days D8
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Happy New Year! (Though it technically was last night.)
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I find myself less pressed for time, so perhaps I'll be able to get a decent update in. Dana and I clearly picked the wrong weekend to be tourists in Glasgow - with Hagmanay (their New Year's celebration) and rain, there was little that we wanted to do. We did get out to see the closer parts of the city and we did make the walk to Necropolis, but there wasn't much else to see that wasn't out of doors. Not to mention that everything was closed today, it being New Year's day and all. Tomorrow we think we'll take an early train into Edinburgh to have brunch there, and then we'll continue down to York. Hopefully a few more tourist-y things will happen there. We're also going to try and take a train into France for a day - it's about a two hour ride from London.

So, happy new year, my loves. I have no resolutions that won't get broken, so I didn't bother with them. Until then I'm happy to be prowling among delicious Scottish accents. It helped that I got free drinks for most of the night. I am also happy to report that I'm not a light-weight as I thought I might be. It took a pint and a fourth of Guiness, a vodka-and-Red Bull, a bacardi breezer, a rum and coke, and Smirnoff Ice to get me tipsy. And no hangover at all to speak of.

A month, a week and four days, is it? I can't wait for February 13th.
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Yes! Another year to completely waste by doing nothing of any value what so ever! Current count: 17 years to date. Muwahahahahahahaaaaaaaa! And since 'tis the time to make resolutions, here are mine!

I - Kill my US History teacher
II - Control my blood rage against unfortunate teachers like my US History teacher and math teacher
III - re-read every single fanfiction I've ever written for a second proof read, then find a beta for every one of them (any takers?)
IV - uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ...
V - be nicer to people (this one will be broken by tomorrow, jus' watch)
VI - Act more like Australians.

And there you have it. Six resolutions for the New Year, all of which will be shot to hell within the next two or three days (with the exception of six, Aussies kick major ass!).


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