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3 hours of watching Hugh Jackman be hot, Nicole Kidman be awesome, and David Wenham be crazy!evil and hot.

Me like. A lot.
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Went to see The Other Boleyn Girl. Not a terrible movie. You could tell Henry was the King because he was the most square of the men, and the women were all cones. George Boleyn was played by Jim Sturgess (the guy who played Jude in Across the Universe), so that was nice to look at. The costumes were also quite pretty.

I think this means Hollywood has gone through the majority of the 'interesting British monarchs', but I'm not quite sure. I suppose since this one only went through Katherine and Anne in this one, we've still got Jane, Anne, Katherine and Catherine.
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Today was quite delightful. I slept in, for one, but not so late that it will throw off my schedule.

I worked on my JET application - I've finished the online part of it. Now I need a printer so I can print everything in triplicate and sign it in blood.

I met my older sister for snacks and then lunch - and yes, in that order. Le Pain is a lovely shop and I wish I could go there more often. It's not often a store carries a French cream donut bigger than my fist. Lunch which was curry ramen at Menkuitei and was excellent. I do love a good spicy curry.

Apple sent a box to me so that I may send my iPod in for repair. DHL picked it up at 19:00. Who knows when it will be returned to me? Ah well. I just hope it works. I've been quite at a loss without it.

I met Dana for dinner and then we went to go see Across The Universe. It's amazingly well done, though Evan Rachel Wood I found slightly ... blah. She didn't leave much of an impression on me. The rest of the movie blew my mind. It's done in a sort of Rent-ish fashion, where every few minutes or so the cast bursts into song. The difference is here, every song they burst into is a Beatles song, and thus automatically good lyrically, and the arrangements are fantastic - apparently 90% of the songs were recorded live. Also, every character is named after a Beatles' song, there are many homages and nods to different Beatles things which are fun to look for, and it apparently has McCartney's approval.

Oh, yeah, and Eddie Izzard is in it.
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Just saw Dana for dinner and The Bourne Ultimatum. Lots of things smashing and guns shooting, and a very long car chase in the streets of New York, but only one truly good explosion. Not bad at all as movies go, particularly of this type. I was pleased.

Tomorrow I'm going to the Balitmore @ Yankees game with dad. The boys, I know, will be awesome and amazing and win 20 to 1. If the camera should chance upon me (as we've got some pretty damn good seats - field box section 25 along the third base line) I'll be the one in the black and orange Yomiuri Giants cap.

Tuesday I'm seeing Dana in her cabaret performance.

Still need to get my hair done. I'm quite annoyed by the bangs that are no longer really bangs.
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This weekend has been the bloody best weekend ever. Sleeping in a real bed, eating delicious food at every meal, seeing the taping of Prairie Home Companion, and I'm not even terribly behind on my homework. So much good food. Absolutely fantastic. [ profile] hikarineko, I love your mother.

Also, Hot Fuzz is AWESOME. Twenty kinds of awesome. As good as, if not better than, Shaun of the Dead. All the action parody you could possibly hope for - and a swan!
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This has been an wonderfully satisfying weekend. Friday night I got my D&D druid Xanian in a situation that will likely see him fucked seven ways from Sunday.

Saturday I saw both Fantastic Four (for the first time) and the BRAND NEW Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. It was like seeing my childhood parading before my eyes. TMNT was a series made for awesome CGI - and this movie did not disappoint. At all. Even the soundtrack is awesome.

Today I got to watch Bloody Mallory, a French flick about a demon-possessed pope, and a team of demon hunters. It's so incredibly awful it's so incredibly good. Also watched the first of the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies - and ah, geeking out to that was just lovely.

I have also seen the first two episodes of the new Series of Doctor Who, and I am absolutely loving it. Martha is everything I'd hoped she'd be, and each episode that goes by brings me an episode closer to the return of Jack Harkness.

Now if only the Yankees broadcasted out here, I'd be good. Really, really good. Brilliant, actually.
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Saw 300 last night. Was very disappointed by lack of actual awesome Rhino-ness. Was pleased to see David Wenham wearing nearly nothing. Think that every gym in Hollywood must have been raided for weight lifters.

Went to Metropolitan Museum this morning for Barcelona and Tiffany exhibits. Was very pleased with them. Barcelona exhibit in particular was interesting, as have just been to city itself.

Got teeth whitened this afternoon. Could probably light many fires if sun were to reflect off them. Unfortunately am now barred from tea for the next 25 hours.

Will now reflect on what possessed me to write entry in this fashion.
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Went to a 12:01 showing last night. Didn't wake up until 1:00 - having slept right through my alarm and missed my class.

But it was so worth it, because HOLY SHIT Casino Royale is the best new Bond movie since Sean Connery played the part. They went back to basics with this one - no more space lasers set to destroy the world and other crap like that. This one is about money, money and nothing but money. Well, with maybe a hint of how money is power, but that's it.

This is the also the first Bond since Liscence to Kill to have been based on actual Ian Flemming work, and it's the first film since The Living Daylights to use Ian Flemming's original title as the title of the movie. It's also the first time you won't see Moneypenny and the second time you won't see Q. Which means that the plot has more to it than big explosions, car chases, and sex.

Daniel Craig has even perfected the Connery Inflection when he says "Bond. James Bond"! There is parkour and a machete fight in a stair case, and a few excellent back up characters. Naturally Dame Judy Dench is bloody fantastic - M has the ultimate Granny Power for this movie, including one of the best lines in Bond movie history.

Go see it. Go see it now.
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The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers is the second installment of the continuing saga of Frodo and his quest to destory the One Ring. Now that I've told you all what you already know, I'll get on with my reivew.

for those who want to skip it )
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I saw One Hour Photo last night. A nine-thirty showing, too. Lemme give the world a piece of advice: DON'T DO IT! That movie is about an hour and a half of relatively pointless let's-scare-the-shit-out-of-people-and-make-money-off-it footage. It's acted incredably well, the director is a suspence/thriller genius, and it scared the f*** out of me. It did a better job of scaring me than any horror move ever made has before. Why? Because it could be the same person I take my photos to to get developed, that's why! *runs and hides under her desk*

In other news: I think I'm about to have a seizure from constant twitching. I just finished my first project of coloring on of my drawings on Adobe 5.0 (instead of the limited). Oh the layers! *rocking back and forth* Just for the basic colorss I needed twelve layers. And I'm not even getting into all the shading. And the worst part? It didn't get saved! AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Went out with Dana to get lunch today. We stopped in Borders (a bookstore next to the movie theater which is across from the pizza place we ate at) because I desperately need a new book. I'm going crazy from lack of reading. Guess what we discovered? . . . James Earl Jones reads the Bible. No, I'm serious. There's an audio tape of James Earl Jones reading the Bible. Well, naturally this caused me and Dana to go off on a rant of other people who could read the Bible, a few of the funnier ones being Elmo, Bill Clinton, Barney, and Richard Simmons.

Our first full week of school starts tomorrow. *dead pan* How fun.


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