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After a remarkably painless set of flights (not including getting to the airport only to realize that one of my bags is 6.5lbs over the maximum weight allowed), I am back at home. Actually landed at 23:00 last night to the news of Bobby hitting a solo home run to give the Yanks a 5-1 lead. While waiting for my bags I got the news that the Wanger pitched himself a complete game *squishes him* Have now seen his new haircut; I prefer him slightly shaggy myself.

Going out for a lunch with my 'nee-chan later.

Buying some stuff to take with me to Japan now.

Good lord, I'm leaving in less than 20 hours.
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One last note type from London before I leave this place (*sob*), never to return. Or at least not to return for a long, long time. It is 9:00, I have just had my coffee, and I am waiting for the cab to come to pick me up at 9:30. According to my mother last night, I've apparently adopted an English inflection when I speak certain words - so I'm not totally affected, but getting there. I have forty million and three pictures (except not really, but I think it's pretty close). I'm going to miss this city like no other place I've ever travelled to, because that's what happens when you've lived here for two and a half months, but I'm so ready to see the City again, and everyone back at school that it's not even funny.

Still not pleased I'm going to miss the first episode of Doctor Who series 3. I really, really, really want Martha. And the Doctor, yeah, but them together would be better.

Oh, and someone may have stolen $1500 to $1800 in fraudulent charges from my bank account. We're not sure and we won't know for certain until I get back home. Aren't people grand?

Happy slightly belated St. Patrick's Day.

Oh yeah - [ profile] hikarineko; would you mind if I used Leathan? Not for original stuff, of course, for ... well, can you write fanfiction about an RPG? Because yeah. The plot bunnies bit, and we all know what happens when you try to ignore the plot bunnies.
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It is slowly starting to actually sink in: I'm leaving here in six days. I've got six days left to be in the UK. To be in London. To be a stone's throw away from continental Europe. And while I've honestly missed everyone and missed New York and baseball - I feel like I just got here. Isn't it strange how that happens? I've been here for two months and some weeks, and I feel like I just arrived yesterday. I feel like I should have more time. But the worst part about leaving so soon? I'm GOING TO MISS THE PREMIER OF DOCTOR WHO SERIES 3!!! *sob*

On a side note, the Tally of Baseball Team Sightings as Seen in 10 Weeks.

48 50 Yankees caps, 1 Yankees tote back and 1 Yankees jersey.
4 Boston caps.
2 Tigers caps.
1 2 Mets caps.
1 Diamondbacks cap. (Hey, [ profile] deviliknow: What in the good name of fuck is a Diamondback ;P)
1 Astros cap.
1 Dodgers cap.

And every time I've resisted the urge to ask the person wearing said cap if they were American. I think I deserve a pat on the back for my display of will power.

And finally: I have but two papers left to write, and one of those is half finished. I'll be glad when this is all over.
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And so I return from Barcelona, where lunch is generally had at 14:00 and dinner is any time after 20:00 and the hot chocolate is more like hot chocolate pudding than anything else. The weather was bright, sunny, and warm, and my parents were paying for everything and I really want to be there right now. And I'm exhausted, so I'll ramble more coherently tomorrow.


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