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Amanda and I have arrived safely in Osaka. We left Ujiie at 12 and didn't get to Shin-Osaka until 6:00 (this would have been made shorter had we not taken the normal train to Tokyo). We checked in at 6:30 and left right away to find Osaka-jo, and spent almost two hours attempting to take pictures in night-scenery mode. We went to a Chinese place pretty close to the hotel because their sign was on fire, and rushed back for TV, because that's the sort of life we lead.

Speaking of TV, have some reactions:

Kaibutsukun 2 (this one's late) )

Kaibutsukun 3 )

Re: Arashi no Shiyagare.
I'm not sure what I think of it. I like the opening a lot. The format... is kind of Shukudaikun Lite, in its way. It's too much like Himitsu for my taste at the moment. I like that they're supposed to learn from the guests and then get a chance to test out what they've learned (Jun: *waving hand* MAA, MAA, MAa, maa, m-- *sits*). But a lot of the success of the show is going to be dependent on the guest. Well, it's going to change sooner or later. I just think they should change back to food.
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It is probably a bad sign that I am against making the final move to the new apartment because of the lack of internet there. There isn't TV there, either and I have no idea when we will be getting them again, making my desire not to leave even greater.

But, work starts tomorrow for real (wherein I will meet the staff for the first time before school starts, yay), but the school has something going on this coming Friday, then next Monday, and the following Friday. With any luck, in those days I will be able to take my driver's test and pass it. Amanda's going for her second try on Thursday - it would be super nice for at least one of us to have a valid license. orz

Kaibutsu-kun, episode 1 )

Also? Monster choreography? IS HILARIOUS. Though people need to stop pretending that Nino wanting to quit the company is some kind of secret by now. Sho wanting to quit is less known than Nino wanting to quit. Seriously TV. *shakes head*
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[ profile] capncosmo and I went to Utsunomiya hoping to get advance tickets for the Shinkenger vs. Go-onger movie (only to find that advance tickets are simply not being sold) and came back with tickets for Alice in Wonderland instead. I am exceeeeeeeedingly excited. I want to see this movie like burning.

I let my 100 userpic add-on expire as an unnecessary expense, to discover that I have 65 anyway. Most excellent. I means I can have my Yankees icons again!

Also excellent? Is the fact that my stove turns itself off. I may have just attempted to boil water only to completely forget it was on the heater.

Now for Sho's Tokujo Kabachi!!. I am intrigued by the previews for Bloody Monday, but I haven't seen the first series. I should do that.
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I did not expect for Saigo no Yakusoku to turn out as it did. Well, in some respects I did (my way of thinking was: This is Arashi, nobody's going to die, and I was surprised by being right) but in others... well. I may have kind of burst out laughing at the climax such was my state of disbelief. I'm a horrible person, I know.

I have now been to Harajuku and seen Omotesando Hills. I am never going again. (Unless I somehow manage to walk that way.) I did have a good after-birthday lunch and cake there, though. It was worth it to have been able to dress up at least a little. And thanks to the train ride I am about 100 pages away from finishing Wicked. (It's ridiculous how I've been going through books lately. Stevie and I are basically switching piles of them when she leaves.)

There is probably other stuff I wanted to say, but for now I've forgotten. Oops. orz
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So in Saigo no Yakusoku, the casting looks like the following:

Sho - Life insurance business man (who can't leave alone a suffering figure)
Nino - Security Center person (who manages his the security system in a calm and cool manner)
Aiba - Coffee shop employee (who makes a lot of mistakes when taking orders)
Jun - Bike delivery boy (who comes to the building A LOT for deliveries and has a hot temper)
Ohno - Janitor (who is a my pace kind of guy)

Why must I wait until January 19th for it? T^T

[edit] Apparently it's the 9th. That's much better.
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Spent the weekend at Amanda's house once again. This time we started with karaoke (with a several people from Joytalk I haven't seen since training). Saturday was ikebana and Kamen Rider W: Begins Night. (Also the Decade movie, but I think I missed something because, uh. What?) And then W and Decade teamed up at the very end of the movie and more questions were raised than answered but it was seriously pretty and *___________________*

Saturday night I finally watched the first episode of Shinkenger and now I really want a new external harddrive so I had the space to download and watch the whole show. Watching the first episode brought about conversation of said series (as it often does). Conversation turned to shipping, which turned to questions of shipping and how Genta could basically go with everyone but Ryuunosuke. Genta basically going with everyone but Ryuunosuke turned into a verbal retelling of the day Genta confessed to Ryuunosuke. That verbal retelling is now 'fic.

It probably should have stayed a two-person joke, but Amanda made me do it. )
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What on earth is Kaname Jun doing in this super bad version of A Little Princess?

Tell me he's not taking the place of Isacar, somebody. It's bad enough the whole story's been dragged out and moved into a boarding high school.

[about half-way through the show...]


There is something so very wrong with this show. No, I mean seriously wrong. It's like someone wrote fan-fiction based on the book, where the only thing remotely connecting it to the original is the fact that her dad still died and she's forced to start working for the school. Everything else is just. UGH.

(And Kaname Jun is definitely playing Isacar. WHY? T^T)

Everyone is one-sided. Mrs. Minchin's replacement character is hell bent on making Seira's life miserable, and on top of her there are brand new characters added, whom have only the purpose of giving Seira more obstacles in life. It's SO STUPID and it's making a mockery of one of my favorite kid's stories.

It wasn't this bad until about two episodes ago; now I can only keep watching with the hope that the end will return to at least pretending to follow the story.
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On Thursday I made a bunch of nengajo. Now I need to write the messages and send them off.

My weekend was spent catching up on Kamen Rider Double (awesome, if you haven't seen it), getting tickets for the movie coming out soon, and creating theories about where the Kamen Rider Double halves sleep (I have decided they sleep on futons in their mecca). In my spare time I watched bits and pieces of Shinkanger and rode the train.

I think I may be getting a cold. At the moment it's only a cough and I am indulging in said coughing while watching female pro-golf on TV. (It was either this, horse racing, or boxing pre-match news.)
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Dude. Is Liar Game I as awesome as this episode of Liar Game II? Because if it is I want it.
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So much creepy evil. So much awesome.

lkdgha;ldsfadlfkhg;lasjf THE QUIZ SHOW WHY SO AWESOME?!?!?!?!
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It's a little like Japan loves me.

Autumn drama.

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Rumored autumn drama.
It's like Japan loves me *_*

I want this confirmed so badly.

[edit] Oh God. And apparently it would be about swindler brothers *_* Rumors, why only rumors?!?!
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Why Yamada Tarou Monogatari? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? Why do you leave me with only 10 episodes and no news of a second series? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

... Going to go cry in a corner now.
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Finished watching Haikei, Chichiue-sama. Spent the whole time thinking about the various ways Ban (from Bambino!, played by Jun) and Ippei (Haikei's main character, played by Nino) could meet conveniently ignoring the girls in said dramas. And proceed on to smut-ing.

Why yes, Arashi rainbows have eaten my brain - why do you ask?
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All right Alex! 50 home runs in one season. First right handed batter on the Yankees to do so; first Yankee since Mantle and Maris.
Go man, go!

[edit] Wow damn. That was an inning of innings. However, here's hoping that Pettitte is okay for the rest of the game.

P.S. Damn you, BitTorrent, give me Yamada Tarou!


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