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Just a quick note to say that I'm still alive, and still having a good time in Iida. Next weekend I may get to Osaka, and possibly back to Kyoto for a day. I finally caved and went to a kimono shop, and somehow managed to get across to the owner that I wanted a yukata made - I go to pick it up on August first. The big festival is drawing nearer, and nearer, and practices are getting more intense. We're giving two mini-performances at schools pretty soon (I know one is on the 29th, but have forgotten the date of the other one).

Oh, and rainy season really kind of sucks. Really.

Miss everyone much.
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So then. Today is the last day of my homestay - and thus probably the last day of constant internet access. Hopefully I'll figure out a way to get more, but I may be limited to e-mail at the library in Iida. Ergh. The upshot is that I'm going to a hotel which has its own onsen.

Also, I've finally uploaded the first 70 pictures of my weekend in Kyoto. They can be found here. There are 100 more to come.
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On the Doctor Who front: Holy shit but Utopia was amazing. Jack is back!

On the Japan front, I meant to post yesterday but completely forgot. Yesterday my family took me to Nagoya for the day to see Nagoya Castle. We left at 7:45 and got there around 10:30, with a stop for breakfast on the way. The castle is gorgeous on the outside, restored to its original architecture. On the inside it's a proper concrete-and-wood museum, complete with models in glass cases. There is a tea house, where Shiori and I had tea, and the gardens are very well cared for. It was a really hot day, but that just gave me an excuse to add to my collection of fans.

Following the castle we had a late lunch at the Nagoya Takashimaya, which is 13 floors of shops and 2 sub-floors of supermarket. Following lunch we had two hours of browsing through it. I found Onmyoji volumes 4 and 5, which I really hope I don't have. I'm pretty sure I don't. Also, [ profile] triaelf9, I found Harry Potter in Japanese there. However, it's in two parts and a little too expensive. I'll look around Iida when I've got a chance.

I've also added some new photos to my Japan album.


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