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I should start a collection of most hilarious AOL 'news' links each day. (And by hilarious I mean, most brain numbing. Because damn there's a lot of those.) I've missed some really good ones, but let's start with this one, about valets and cars.

All I want to know is who is stupid enough to say to themselves, "I know! Let's video tape ourselves abusing cars that don't belong to us and post them on the internet! We'll never get caught!" And then actually do it.

Also, somebody please tell me where Japan keeps getting these women for their Bio yogurt commercials. Their mouths don't move when they talk. It's seriously creeeeeepy. T^T
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I finally did it. I turned off my alarm for the weekend, left it off, forgot that I'd turned if off by last night. And this morning? I was awoken by a phone call from my junior high vice principal, asking if I would be coming in.


Luckily they're all treating it as something funny since it's the first time in eight months that it's happened. And they called me instead of calling Joytalk, which means I don't have to tell the dear old company anything that happened until the 10th of December - and what are they going to do about it then?

So yes. This week is off to a fantastic start.
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Is there a way to contact TBS and let them know that Himitsu needs more episodes dedicated to the 'bakakkoii' challenges and less time dedicated to their shit taken-from-youtube VTRs? Because for real, I'm am so sick of those VTRs.
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A quick public service announcement, brought to you by Bitchy Girl inc.: STA is a bitch and three halves and nobody should ever use them for anything ever.

I have to continuously prod them with e-mails to get any sort of response, and most of the time they keep me waiting for three days before I can even get that. I've been trying to get this ticket changed from June 19th to May 15th since, um, Golden Week. I've sent them my credit card details and everything. I have nothing to show for it - the guy hasn't even responded to my prodding e-mail seeking the flight details.

And now my boss is supposedly coming around tomorrow to watch one of my classes - which I may or may not have depending on the weather, and to bring the re-entry form. But the problem with the re-entry form is that I don't know when I'm going, since STA won't confirm the change in ticket, so I can't fill it out. When I get home, I am cutting each and every one of them.
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I caved and spent $30 for a Friday badge to NYCC, for the sole purpose of seeing what will probably be the very faint top of Sakurai Sho's head, and maybe the outline of his face if I'm very lucky. At least it was only $30, and I won't be putting out for a hotel.

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This is probably for Overheard in New, but still.

"What's their Bible?"
"They don't have a Bible."
"How do they have a religion without a Bible?"
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Scenario: The plane you are on is landing. The stewardess makes her landing announcements and asks you put your trays up, turn off your electronics, and put your seats in the upright position. What do you do?

A) Do as she asks.
B) Do mostly everything but try to eke out a few more moments with your iPod.
C) Kneel on your still-reclined seat, belt unbuckled, laptop sitting on tray and still playing a movie, and talk to the person behind you.

The answer according to the two girls sitting next to me, was C. Apparently they needed personally engraved invitations - the stewardess had to come three times to get them to put their seats upright while we were taking off, as well. I wanted to choke them.

However, with that tale told, I have returned in triumph to New York. My flights were on time and my bags came with them.

My iPod has been repaired. I have Saku Sho again T^Tb

I'm working on all those Christmas cards now. I had to wait for today to get my calligraphy pens. Hopefully I'll send them all out tomorrow.

The Messiah sing-in is next week. I'm excited for it.
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I'm writing this entry. There's something wrong with it. Can you guess?

a) I'm being cryptic
b) I shouldn't be writing it
c) It's covered in jam

If you guessed 'c', there's probably something wrong with you. If you guessed 'a' you get points, but you're wrong. The answer is 'b': I shouldn't be writing it. By all rights I should still be in the air on my way to Nagoya, Japan. I'm not. Instead I'm in Seattle, Washington, due to Broken Plane Syndrome. To say the least, it was a bit unnerving being two hours over the ocean and suddenly being turned around to make a 'cautious' landing. So despite being awake at 3:30 to get to the airport by 4:00 to make a 6:30 flight, I won't actually leave the country until 10:00 tomorrow morning. What a day.

[edit] 4 in a row, bitches! And Kay, get off Baby's back about that play. It was at least a 95mph knuckleball for fuck's sake. You try making that catch.


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