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I've been making Arashi icons for a while, mostly for my own entertainment, and I figured: Hey, I might as well put them here. Not like they're going anywhere else.

These are all of Aiba )
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In a moment of vanity, and pulling pictures off my camera from Japan, I realized there were more pictures of me and London that I hadn't yet posted.

Fake cut to five new pictures of me from the Pirates premiere. They're at the end of the list.

The London album has new pictures, and a brand new album. This new album includes the Peter Pan statue.

Last on the photograph side, my Japan album has begun. More pictures will be added as I take them, of course

And finally: icon spam )
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Monday: Eh. It was a monday. Whaddya expect to hear from me? It sucked.

Have learned much about Hurricanger and have come to a conclusion: Hurricanger = very very gay. Oh the many things that I learned by reading the episode summaries and seeing the very few pics there are to be found from it. I could make P-chan and Graham-otouto twitch on the floor with it all. The best thing I learned from it is, however, that the "dark blue" raiger (named Isshu, supposedly, who is me) and the "dark red" (Ikkou, so far as I can tell, who is Fuu-chan) are actually brothers, and Ikkou is the elder of the two.

Tuesday: No anime club apparently. Trecked from basement to mezzanine, realized that it was the new club day. So, headed to third floor. No one bothered to tell me that the floor had been moved. Trecked back down to mezzanine, hoping to find someone who knew where to go. Found Yoshi. He said to try the fifth floor, so I did. Nearly went all the way around the entire bloody floor, but Piccolo found me and said there was no club. Proceeded to go down the escalators and storm my way to the train station, hoping to catch the next train. Missed said train. Others found me there and we went home. Stayed in 14th Street station imparting many gay Hurricanger tid-bits to Fuu-chan. We had fun =^_^=

Today: Not much happened.

Dalaal has a new obsession with my singing voice, and wants me to teach her how to speak in a Scottish accent. My advice: Go ask a Scottish person. My mom bought me the Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring extended DVD, to replace the other one which I lost one of the extra discs to. I looooooooooooooooooooooooooove my mommy =^_^=

Have gone on Malice Mizer/Gackt downloading spree on Kazza - damn I missed all those songs. Am veeeery happy.

Also, put up a new page on my site for my livejournal icons, which is quickly becoming a new hobby. If you wanna see, check em out here: LJ Icons

That is all.
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Well, one more at any rate. This time featuring Billy Boyd (Pippin) and Dominic Monaghan (Merry) as themselves. Their very special selves.


Once again, copy and paste if you're interested in seeing it.
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As promised, here's my cheap attempt at icon making! Featuring Faramir and Boromir from LotR. Bask in it's pathetic glory!

The Icon

[EDIT] Okay, apparently, geocities does not want me linking. If you're interested in seeing the actual icon, copy and paste this:


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