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Surviving the Holidays with Lewis Black.

The best holiday special ever.

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In light of me being sick, on Monday my vice-principal sent me home early. It wound up being by less than a whole period, because my one class of the day was during 5th and I leave 10 minutes before 6th ends, but the thought was there. My vice-principal was ready to let me go home that morning, if I wanted it. Instead I spent the day being plyed with cough drops delivered from the office keeper/secretary.

Tuesday there wasn't an offer to go home early, but two of my four classes were cancelled so it didn't really matter. I spent those two classes doing as little speaking as possible, which sort of defeats my purpose, but I had my writing cards. Also, someone presented my vice principal with two calendars, one of James Dean and one of Marilyn Monroe. (I'm not really sure why.)

Today I'm basically totally better, which is nice. Again, two of four classes were cancelled. And then after lunch my vice-principal gave me the James Dean calendar. It's huge and gorgeous and I'm very excited. On top of that my mom sent me an e-mail saying that my grandmother's apartment has finally been sold - cash contract for $610,000 (I think). The closing will be in January. It's a great relief, because now mom doesn't have to pay the maintainence on her apartment.

That's all the news in the land of me. Now I being my Hawaii-and-Stevie countdowns!
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Why it is a bad idea to start creating holiday/birthday wishlists: I come up with entirely too many things. And this isn't even the definitive list, just what I can bare to narrow myself down to.

The things I wish for this year )

My three-day weekend was somewhat productive; I did a bit of work on my dress, dyed my hair, bought contact solution, and got the last chapter of RBtY up to approximately 3/4 finished. Also did a bunch of small 'fics for the kink meme, but I've been good about not reposting them.

Today and tomorrow are test days at Kise, so I will be sitting on the computer all day and possibly twiddling my thumbs.

Also: Last night I discovered that the walls of my apartment are thin enough to hear my next door neighbor snoring. And my keys have once again gotten themselves stuck fast into the ignition - and once again none of the tricks that should work are working. Sometimes I really hate my life.

But then mom wrote to tell me about the hotel she got for us in Hawaii, and I have Stevie to look forward to over the break, so I have some solace.
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In a last ditch effort to see 紅葉 (colored leaves), which were apparently still in season at Mt. Akagi, [ profile] maiaide came out to Maebashi this weekend. After a drive of many circles and "Crap, were we supposed to turn there?"s, we reached the summit of the mountain and lake Haruna, and discovered that no, in fact the leaves were all done. It was on the drive back to the city when we stopped at the visitor's center (which is about to close for the winter) and the lady behind the counter confirmed that the season was over. But the lake was still very pretty and there is a lovely shrine on the water and we saw a small girl out in full dress for 七五三.

We had a snack at the visitor's stand, bought apple mochi, and drove back to the city (and circled many streets) where we had lunch at a shabu-shabu place (which, since it was lunch time, was surprisingly cheap). Then we drove in yet more circles (since I really never drive beyond the area where I live and the moutain is far away from where I live), finally managing to find our way to Keiyaki Walk. I showed [ profile] maiaide around the mall, we did purikura, I bought two new books, and then we drove back to my place.

On Sunday we woke late, showered, and headed out for breakfast and coffee at the mall, because I had nothing in my apartment that was remotely breakfasty. (Or lunchy for that matter.) The single cutest thing happened while we were at Starbucks. A tiny boy wearing a Mickey Mouse hat was waiting for their order with his father; naturally he turned to stare at the scary foreigners. However, he was also holding a giant bag, and he was playing with his hat so much that it fell from his head. Since he had the giant bag in one hand and his father was holding his other, he couldn't figure out how to get the hat off the floor, so I put it back on his head for him. This started a game of him purposefully dropping his hat - but by then his father got in on it and was picking it up for him. Finally they got their order, and the boy's father let go his hand, so this time when the hat fell the boy picked it up and held it out to us. [ profile] maiaide reached for it, and he gave it to her, walking away without it. (This resulted in his father being all LOLWHATAREYOUDOINGTAKEITBACKLOL.) It was adorable.

Once again we wandered through Keiyaki, got caught out by a gaggle of my elementary school students, and I now have coffee enough to last me probably two months if not three or four. This is excellent.

Also. If you have not indicated to me a desire for a Christmas/Chanukkah/New Year's card via PM you can still do so. Even if you think I have your address, please give it to me anyway.
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It's that time of the year again! (And it's coming even earlier than usual to account for laziness, procrastination, and the time it takes to mail stuff from Japan.) It's time for Christmas/Chanukkah/New Year/Holiday cards!

If you want super shiny awesome traditional Japanese cards from me, please PM me with your address. I say PM because I am not, repeat, NOT screening the comments here. PMs will be just as private and secure.

And while I freeze slowly to death out here, they may be the last you ever hear from me, so get 'em while the getting's still good.
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Hope everybody had themselves a Merry Christmas.
Now to New Years, and the glamorous Hollywood 30s.
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My TESOL certificate class is ending. On Thursday. And all I can think is: Holy hell, when did that happen? I made it through my six hours of practice teaching with minimal damage to student's minds, at least. It's kind of funny, in a way, that for the last three months I've spent my time working on the concepts of a student-centered lesson, but for the most part the things I've worked on will be fairly useless - especially if I become an ALT.

Of course with the ending of the certificate course come the parents with their never-ending lectures and speeches (always the same thing said fourteen times in a span of five minutes. Quite impressive, really). Now it's talk about 'find a second job while you wait, send out your resumes NOW OR THEY'LL NEVER TAKE YOU'. 'Why are you still in my house', basically. Even though I've been working on the portfolio necessary for completing the course - as in, without it I don't get said certificate - I'm still getting my mother breathing down my neck to not do it and work on the applications for the various organizations instead. Yes, I realize that if I don't send them in, I don't get a job. But if I do send them in and don't get the certificate, three months just got wasted - not to mention money.

Still haven't done my Christmas shopping. Haven't been ice skating yet, either. At least I have better New Year's plans than 'squatting around Times Square in the freezing cold' or 'hanging out at home drinking by myself'. Hollywood Glamour at the Montauk Club it is. I'm thinking a mix of Katherine Hepburn, Veronica Lake, and Gloria Swanson. Now to buy some huge hair curlers, mousse and a metric ton of hair spray bottles.

Oh, and [ profile] sw_inku and I are considering a joint birthday party with an enforced dress code - probably of the Victorian/Edwardian period variety. Probably at Alice's and then in Central Park for photos, weather permitting, but it's still only in the preliminary planning.
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Happy belated Thanksgiving! I hope everyone had a good lunch/dinner with their families and/or friends.

Also, it is now that time of the year again: Christmas (Holiday) cards. So, please leave me your full name and address if you feel inclined to receive a card from me, and I'll do it. Even if I've gotten your address before, please comment with it again. All comments are screened, so only I will see them.

Now back to essay writing and lesson planning.
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And now I shower.
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So first we were to a restaurant for Thanksgiving. Then we were going to grandma's house for Thanksgiving, 'cause she bought a turkey.

We wound up going to the restaurant.

Gnocchi dinner just doesn't have the same buzz of Thanksgiving as turkey dinner, ne? I haven't even seen turkey since I got back.

Ah well.

I slept too much last night. I'm incredibly not tired.
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With an all in all good set of flights, I return in triumph to New York.

For five days and some turkey, at least.

I have far too many things to do tomorrow. Fix the iPod, buy new pants, buy batteries, and I think mom's got plans to drag me somewhere else (or two somewhere elses, that part was a little vague) while she's got me out. Also homework, urgh.

We don't actually know what we're doing for Thanksgiving dinner, either. Too many options, apparently, whatever that means.

And, and, and. I found the first disc of SIMs Night Life, which means I can load it onto Ninomi when I get back to school. Yays.


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