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Spent the weekend at Amanda's house once again. This time we started with karaoke (with a several people from Joytalk I haven't seen since training). Saturday was ikebana and Kamen Rider W: Begins Night. (Also the Decade movie, but I think I missed something because, uh. What?) And then W and Decade teamed up at the very end of the movie and more questions were raised than answered but it was seriously pretty and *___________________*

Saturday night I finally watched the first episode of Shinkenger and now I really want a new external harddrive so I had the space to download and watch the whole show. Watching the first episode brought about conversation of said series (as it often does). Conversation turned to shipping, which turned to questions of shipping and how Genta could basically go with everyone but Ryuunosuke. Genta basically going with everyone but Ryuunosuke turned into a verbal retelling of the day Genta confessed to Ryuunosuke. That verbal retelling is now 'fic.

It probably should have stayed a two-person joke, but Amanda made me do it. )
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The urge has come upon me only suddenly. But now I want to write Steampunk Arashi ala The Difference Engine or Wild Wild West really, really badly. SOMEONE TELL ME THIS IS A BAD IDEA. orz
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I have learned a new 四字熟語. (A four character saying.)
It is this: 開店休業. (Kaiten kyugyou.)

In essence: The shop is open but there's no work to be done. The reason I have learned it is because that is my situation today. I'm here at work, but the third years are out in Kyoto and the second years are having a job consulation meeting type thing. Since I have the first years on Monday and Wednesday, it means no classes for me.

Oh the joys of sitting at my desk and staring at my coffee mug.

Also, it's funny the things that you never think about until someone asks you to explain them. Case in point - the janitor at Kise just asked me what 'keep up with the times' means. Hopefully I got it right. orz

Also, also, I finally got around to typing up the partially-written prequel for In the Still of the Night from my notebook. The voice is very unlike that of the 'fic - I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not. It needs a good ending point and a beta, and then I'll see about posting it.
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While I'm pretty sure this is setting me up for pain ...

Name three fics you think I will never, ever, ever write. In return, I will attempt to write a snippet of one of them.

Note the try.
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Ne, [ profile] fincalian: More Arashi for you here, if you are so inclined to read. It's Ohno/Nino.

In other news, I have successfuly survived another Yom Kippur. With only a break for coffee this morning. My mom took one, too, so I blame her XD
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今週 毎日, 毎日 雨が降っていた. 大変だよ~!

このエントリについて, 多分日本語のほうがいい.
でも, 翻訳がないけど, 英語で書くの筈.
じゃ, 行くわよ.

I'm getting sick of these grey skies and cold temperatures. I would like some real summer, plz, kthxbai.

I have succumbed. Arashi is too lovey-lovey for me to keep my hands away from the computer keyboard anymore. (What? I'm supposed to not coo when they hold hands and sleep curled around each other in the same futon? Or when they caress each other in their new PV?) And so? I write things like band RPF.

I'm going to hell.

But we knew that already, right?


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