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Oh VS Arashi. Yamapi going straight for Nino at the beginning made the fangirl in me a happy one.

Lol at Nino and Erika still pulling the whole siblings thing. And with the Nino-borrows-money-for-taxis. Nino you cheapskate. XD

And poor boy almost got the double catch behind his head. orz

The red team this time around is a little too hyper for my liking though. ._.
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Smelly foods, lost porn videos (borrowed ones!), and the staff writing out what's on Aiba's food-presentation cards so the other members can read it before he can. Also Aiba brought back the 'sing this phrase in this style of song' game. (Does that thing have a name?) Oh, Shukudai-kun, never leave me.
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The new SMAP Softbank CM (for the colorful Softbank phones) is set in New York. They're walking down 5th avenue down from 23rd street. And then there is a GIANT rubix cube and they stop to take pictures of it. It's awesome.
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FNS Music Festival 2009 - Live update.

I missed about an hour. But um. The Domoto Brothers finished up singing to be surrounded by oiled men in thongs. (At least, they all came out on the balcony that rings the stage. I think it counts.) Oh Japan.

PS - Love those blue pants, Tsuyoshi.

... Official: I don't like NYC boys.

AHA! I see now what they were doing with those oiled men in thongs. Hot little song you got going there, Go Hiromi.

I know none of these songs from the 60s and 70s. My Japanese musical knowledge is horridly flawed.

Oh wait. I know this Wada Akiko one at least.

D'awwwwwww lookit Arashi in their surprisingly un-shiny suits. Boys. Where are the sparkles? Bowties are not enough! Nino's doesn't even reflect the light.

Oh man. I love the accordion player getting down there with them.

The rest of this collab is a very strange collection of women.

Superfly is very retro. I would like to know what died over her shoulder though.

Totally unrelated to music, but the CM was just on; I really, really like the winter Melty Kiss flavors. They're seriously good!

YAY V6. Though they're not particularly sparkly either, the lapel pins are quite nice. Go. What's with the blond hair? Ew.

...And Arashi look bored out there in the audience. XD

TOKIOOOOO. 8D Mabo, where did your hair go? T^T

I love Sabaku no Bara. Especially the PV. HARDCORE OLD MAID FTW.

Tsuyoshi has angered his boyfriend. Oh Shingo. XD

Woah, Gackt's 2002 Christmas song made a VTR appearance. Things that were not expected.

I'm quite confused by the nature of these collab songs here. Ayaka and Hirai Ken was a pretty good match. These next two have just been weird. ... I can totally get behind this one though. Nagase makes anything good.

...If I look at him quickly, I keep getting the non-Atsushi singer of EXILE confused with Daigo.

Merry Xmas (War is Over). Things that were not expected.

XDDDDDDDDDDDD Taichi bein' a dork is what Taichi does best.

Dude. Light-up pants, wire-works, and an uber-fake Mars. 1980 was clearly most awesome in Japan.

This 80s VTR medley was starting to worry me, but then they played X-Japan. All is now right with the world again.


I love Taichi's XD face.

Did somebody turn down Tohoshinki's mikes? I can barely hear them over the piano. Individually at least. As a group it's loud enough.

It's the Tokyo Dogs song! 8D ...I mean. It's EXILE. 8D You know. I can really only name three people in EXILE, and not all by name. I know Atsushi 'cause he's got the sunglasses, and the Daigo-look-alike singer, and Hiro. I don't even know why I know Hiro.

Aaaaaaand we have Arashi. Finally. With Ashita no Kioku, no less. Excellent. ... Sho's hair has been flattened oddly to the left side of his head. ...Jun's pants are pulling oddly. Methinks they're a bit too tight. Koichi looks decidedly unimpressed.
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dakfghlsjfjadlgkjlsj Did Gackt seriously just give Ohno that ring??? I might die of the ridiculous cute.

Eeeeeeeeeeeeee! The non-Himura half of Banana man just won the 100man yen prize on The Iromanea! I wish I knew his name, 'cause I really like him, but XD;
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SMAP on Kohaku? Normal.
TOKIO on Kohaku? Noraml.
Arashi on Kohaku? Fucking awesome.

NYC BOYS ON KOHAKU? WHAT THE FUCK? They just became a unit. Seriously, wasn't it enough that you shoved Hey!say! akegh;a;spio!300029193! into Tokyo Dome months after their debut?
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I did not realize that Mao had a movie coming out. However, now her appearance on Shukudai-kun makes a lot more sense.

Asumi called back about 19:30 tonight. Apparently I don't have to go to the Sports Day at either school - except that she'd called to ask which one I'd decided on going to. I don't get the day off promised if I do go, and too bad, I have plans made already.

Seriously am not looking forward to being filmed tomorrow. Except that it's the first time I'm meeting with these fourth years, so a good portion of the class is going to be self-intro and student questions. Use that for "training", Joy Talk.

...There is a commercial wherein the song is "Bicycle, biiiiiiicycle, biiiicycle, I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike". Has anybody else seen this? The stupid song gets stuck in my head so easily.

Still waiting for fabric.

Himitsu will probably be the death of me tonight. If nobody sees me after an hour, you'll know why. Also, Nino will never be the chosen one in the VIP room segment. Never.
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Has anybody seen the new Josei Jishin cover? Nino looks like Higashiyama-sempai. XDDDDDD

According to Shukudai-kun last night, by the way, Nino was also a girl in his past life. Show of hands, who's surprised by this?

Also, in 10 posts I will have reached 1000.
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The urge has come upon me only suddenly. But now I want to write Steampunk Arashi ala The Difference Engine or Wild Wild West really, really badly. SOMEONE TELL ME THIS IS A BAD IDEA. orz
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Holy crap. I just remembered that Kokuritsu is this weekend. Half of me thinks I should go to the arena just to buy the goods. The other half reminds me that I like to eat, and the cost of going into Tokyo by itself takes away from that.

We will see which side wins out.

Also, does anybody know if they released the dome tour winners yet?


The Bucket List.
Place an X by all the things you've done and remove the X from the ones you have not, then tag your friends. (Not gonna, do it if you want.)

The 'I'm so bored' meme of taking up time. )
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I have written four fics for the summer smut meme going on right now. (Actually six, but I haven't posted two of them.) I can't remember the last time I wrote this much. I should probably really be working on finishing RBTY with this sudden creative energy.

Also packing. I should really start packing. One week to going home!
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Man, this week's Himitsu is like Matsujun's Day From Hell. Sho's face is twenty kinds of awesome though.
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Not that anybody cares, but have some tl;dr. Because I am in a curious state right now, with no work to do at the moment, and feel like whining writing about it.

So yes. My weird state of being.

It's not so much writer's block, I don't think, because I finished my JE Fuh-q-fest just fine. It's more like I feel idea-less. Like I can't write without getting prompts from somewhere outside of myself. Watching things doesn't spawn the feeling of 'that needs fic' anymore and I can't just sit down and start writing porn because I can't come up with a scenario that hasn't been done fifty million times. The few ideas that I do have I don't think anybody will be interested in reading.

I'm not sure how I feel about it, or what it makes me as a writer. Probably a bad one who should stop. And if I stopped writing entirely I doubt anybody would notice at this point. When was the last time I posted anything...? >.>; Especially when other people are posting out of the woodwork, and I get the singularly irrational feeling that nobody actually reads what I post anymore.

Ugh. This is what happens when I have two periods in a row free. I need more work.

And because dragons make everything better...

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!
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My awesome weekend was awesome and productive. Ikebana was done Saturday morning, and then [ profile] capncosmo and I spent the rest of the day on a trip into Tokyo. Since her computer died, the main purpose was to visit Akihabara and get her a new one. And since we were thus going to be in Tokyo anyway, we decided to hunt down Surya - that Indian restaurant that was on Himitsu last week, since the guy's chosen dish looked amazingly delicious. We found it via the Himitsu website and google. The restaurant is in Minato-ku (Sailor Moon fans giggle here) and within walking distance from Zojoji and Tokyo Tower.

There is a reason why Zurya is that guy's favorite restaurant. (They've also been featured on Hanamaru Market, and Ousama no Buranchi twice.) The food there is amazing. On the expensive side, but amazing. If the other celebrities have as good taste as this, I definitely will have to start a food tour of the featured Himitsu restaurants.

I came home to find the Early Summer special Arashi fanclub thing and my ballot for the Kokuritsu concerts. I have no idea how it works. 8D
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Lookit me, I've refrained from posting for a whole five days.

... Feels a lot longer. orz

Somehow I made it through Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of last week.

Kisechuu didn't actually plan on having me go to class on Wed., even though it was my first day back. I was so jet lagged I didn't realize it was first period until it was half done, so I wound up going to only two of three classes.

Komagata shou was great, because it was two classes of third graders and one of fifth and sixth each. The third graders are freaking adorable, and Rikachan in my fifth grade class was so happy to see me she nearly sent us both flying down the stairs when she tackled me. Eimei was Eimei. It wasn't bad, it wasn't great. At least both the fifth grade classes are on the same page now.

Friday I went immediately from school to the apartment, grabbed my bag and ran for the 18:00 bus to make the next train (19:00) to go to [ profile] capncosmos's place. Three hours of train ride, and most of it full of high schoolers. I got myself a nap for lack of anything better to do. I also got a cold and I DON'T KNOW WHERE IT CAME FROM. I didn't have it Thursday and I didn't have it Friday morning. WTH body?!

On Saturday I tagged along to [ profile] capncosmos's ikebana class. It is awesome, taught by an appropriately awesome little old lady. Though I'm not sure how many times I'll get to go, I found myself walking out with a nearly complete set of ikebana equipment. This means I feel like I should be going every week, but three hours on a train, not to mention I'd be crashing [ profile] capncosmos's party every time.

I've started RPing again via livejournal. It's quite fun so far, and it's a nicely structured set up which, but sadly the sempai of Johnny's are sorely under represented. And by that I mean we have Nakai and that's it.



And I totally almost forgot the real purpose of this post: At Kisechuu, Nakamura-sensei totally used Johnny's to explain the vocabulary today. The word was new, and she related it to NewS - I don't remember the exact words but it went something like:

"Because the news is all the new things happening in the world and being explained to the viewer. It's a lot of 'new', so it's news, like Johnny's NewS."

She then proceeded to use Hey!Say! in a similar fashion, telling the kids to remember the word 'say'.

Oh, Nakamura-sensei. For awesome.
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So from yesterday, they decided to keep dad in the hospital overnight and today. They'll keep him tonight and pending nothing drastic happens they'll release him after his radiation tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow is also my last work shift at Amai, which depending on the results of tonight, I may or may not actually work. I'll probably actually miss working there, and all of the crazy customers coming in, snapping at me like I'm a dog, demanding their pre-made hot chocolate be remade with soy milk, complaining that they drove all the way to the store so how could we possibly have sold out of cupcakes?!

... Then again, I probably won't miss it.

Onto less emo-whining things, I've written three 'fics for the JE [ profile] happygayspring anonymeme. Three! I only ever write one at most for these things. I also posted two requests, which other people seem to want, but nobody has written ;o; Oh well. There will be other memes and I will keep requesting \o/

Also I apparently have the look of a kindergarten teacher, if an elderly man sitting in a cafe can be trusted. (He was talking with his sister about teachers, and turned to me to ask if I was by chance, a teacher.) I know, I know. Me and children - who would be dumb enough to put me in charge of them?

I've spent quite a lot of time going through my JE magazines and pulling out the Arashi posters to bring with me, and going through the TV guides and simply pulling out the Arashi pages. Now I should perhaps actually start packing XD
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In the last few weeks my wardrobe has become bigger than it ever was in the last 20 years due to the increase in my working clothes. I have my first ever proper suit. I also have more pairs of shoes than I ever have had in my life. It's mind boggling to look at.

Grant is booking me a hotel for the days that I'll be in Utsunomiya prior to the training. Apparently we train in the next prefecture over, but they collect all the new recruits as close to their headquarters as possible to make that move easier. At the end of training they ship us out to our apartments - still no word on where I'll be shipped to, though. I'm thinking that 2 suitcases is the absolute maximum I want to take with me on the plane, and I don't think I want my parents to have to ship much of anything, so now I have to spend the next few weeks parsing out my room into the Things I Can't Live Without and Other.

HMV shipped my CxDxG no Arashi vol. 1 & 2 today, with my Arashi calendar. Yes, I know. I'm a dork. But the DVDs were on saaaaaaale orz
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Mother and I went shopping today, to increase the size of my work wardrobe. I now have several newer and fantastic jackets, a new white button up with a ribbon belt and French cuffs, and an awesome pair of pants. Unfortunately, considering the sizable population of blouses and button ups I already have and will be taking with me, what I really need are more bottoms - probably a cute skirt or two, and a few other pairs of pants. I'm also debating buying a suit, just in case I have to make some sort of formal appearance or something. I'm just not sure if the suit would be overboard and thus ridiculous.

It's really hard to believe that I'm going to be off in just a month. I'm already making packing lists and trying to prioritize what furniture I should be looking for first when I arrive (assuming that I wind up renting an unfurnished apartment). I'm also planning out my savings for baseball games in Japan - I kind of hope I wind up in Chiba so I can go to the Lotte Marines games XD Good thing I have my MLB radio package.

Dad finished his three weeks of radiation today, and - surprisingly - is only just losing his hair from it now. Speaking of dad, I like Friday the Thirteenth better when it falls on his birthday (January 13). It's just that much more awesome.

Point of the week: Fandom hate memes mean you're taking yourself too seriously. For serious.

Aaaaand lastly: My store has an awesome barter system with Chino's next door. We bring them leftover muffins after work, they give us free booze. I've met Blondie's bassist Nigel twice, and I'm on hugging terms with the manager. Good times.
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I could have done my own review of my weekend, but why do that when there is an epic review of epic right here, including pictures already?

So I will say instead that I have spent far too much money this weekend, and have eaten more than I usually do in a week in three days. Also this: Sho. WHY SO PRETTY?!?!?!?!


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