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I have created an album of my Athens pictures. It's here, if you care to see it. It's only 41 of 100-something pictures, but I think it gives a nice idea of what there is to see in Athens.
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I have returned, spending nearly the entire day flying. 5:15 wake up - not so awesome. Olympic airlines is also not so great an airline; very bad service. It didn't help that for nearly all of the time before take off and after landing the two morons in front of us were chattering as loudly as they could be - I could hear every single word of their conversation and it was not intellectually stimulating. Twenty minutes spent trying to figure out how their tickets were labeled A and C and yet they were sitting together (easy answer - there isn't a B seat, the little sign overhead said so). There were other inane topics, but I've forgotten them for the most part.

With the bad stuff out of the way: It was an amazing trip. Athens is amazing for having all of the antiquity that it does. The waters surrounding the islands are a beautiful and gorgeous blue, and so delightful to swim in. Dana and I spent nearly every night walking through the Old City (built up over a million years, it seems, there is Byzantine all the way up through Ottoman influence) and having our dinner at various establishments throughout. The scenery was beautiful, the skies were clear, the sun was brilliant (and intent to burn, but the olive oil sunscreen we bought worked amazingly well). It was also fantastic to spend so much time with Dana after the one or two lunches here and there that we'd had to cobble together during college. I would do it again in a heartbeat - I really want to see the other islands now.
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Pupe, why you gotta be having downtime when I'm on vacation and only have the now hours to check you? You make me sad on the every side.


Have been to Symi now - it's basically your lovely Greek harbor town, where all the houses are built into the hills on top of each other and everything is yellow and beige and white and pink. There are a billion and five restaurants along the water, and several of them have little docks and areas where one can go swimming while you wait for your drinks. (The one Dana and I chose was not worth the 14 euros we had to spend, but the swimming was fantastic.)

Tomorrow is going to be another nothing day. There's an aquarium by our hotel so we might go there. Otherwise we're going to perhaps take a tour of the Rhodes beaches by boat on Thursday, and we'll take a day trip out to Turkey on Friday.

Saturday we're due to be back in New York. The thought is saddening. T^T
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After two days of relentless sightseeing in Athens (Acropolis, theatre of Dionysos, Hadrian's Library, Temple of Olympian Zeus, Hadrian's Gate, Roman Market, and Ancient Agora) Dana and I are safely in Rhodes. Today we flew, landed in Rhodes, got to our hotel, went to the Old City, had dinner, and are now in a cafe for free internet and crepes. Tomorrow we will do nothing and it will be wonderful.
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Yesterday my mother and I went up to the Cloisters. I hadn't ever been before then - there was no time or no one to go with me. The building was constructed specifically to hold Medieval art from the Metropolitan Museum of Art collection. There is somehow incredibly much more meaning infused in said art when it is displayed in appropriate surroundings, rather than on the wall of a tourist-filled hall. (This probably had something to do with the fact that we traveled up there quite early in the morning, so fewer people were out, but still.) The unicorn tapestries are absolutely stunning. We brought my mother's camera and took many pictures, of course.

Anyhow! Off and away am I!

First to the Long Island Railroad, which will bear us to the John F. Kennedy International Airport (terminal 1). And at 16:30 the plane will (belatedly) take off and fly me to Greece! Thankfully it's only an 8 hour or so flight. Dana and I should touch down sometime ridiculously early in the morning in Athens, whereupon we will take our things to the hotel for early check in. Currently the plan is to just get up and go, and keep going until we drop at a decent hour of the night. Circumstances may force a change depending on how exhausted we are. But we have two days for Athens, and six in Rhodes, which gives us plenty of time for a day trip into Turkey (a two hour boat ride is simply part of the charm) and several out to the other islands.

I am shivering with excitement!


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