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My project is complete. (The skirt is unrelated.)

Cut to spare the masses my ugly, ugly hands and SUPER scary eyes 0.o )

The Gibson Girl blouse in progress. In place of a real diary, each picture has a short description. 8Db

Now I can start on my jacket mock-up. 8DDDDb I also gave in and bought two 'beginner' embroidery kits in my quest to learn how to embroider. We'll see how this works out. >.>
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I have spent my entire day between three things: hair dying (it's shiny red again), role-playing, and sewing.

After careful consideration of my supplies comparative to my pattern, I decided I didn't have enough to start on the Edwardian walking jacket. Namely I don't have the lining fabric for it, or enough fabric to make a toile of it. I discovered that Hancocks sells muslin at a very nice price - but doesn't offer international shipping. I'll be making that when I get home in the spring.

So, instead, I am in the middle of making the Gibson Girl blouse from Folk Wear patterns. I had already bought fabric for that - and I appear to have over bought, since I think I could probably toile the 1914 dress from the rest. We'll see after I finish the blouse - assuming I finish it before March.
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Yay new projects.

With the dress finished as much as she can be - the seams are all set and so far I've only found some fairly ugly and very much not 1910 eyelet lace - I'm hanging her up for the moment. (Literally 8Db)

In her place I will begin work on the Edwardian walking jacket pattern - if I buckle down I should have that done by March, in time for real wearing. The plan is to read the instructions as soon as I get home and hopefully get all that fabric cut out. We'll see about starting actual sewing work when that is done with.
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So that dress? We have pictures~! )

It's not the most colorful thing, mostly because I chose fabrics on the cheaper end of the range. (The most expensive stuff was the sash.) It's my first hand-sewn dress after all. Now that I've done with this one, there are a million things I know to do differently to make a better one, so there will definitely be another version - hopefully with a more interesting color combination. (But I also have a blouse and a jacket to make, must get on those right away. 8D)

I still have the top hem to do, as I mentioned, and then I plan on adding lace to the front, because the seam is ugly. Seriously ugly. Aaaaand, I need to move the top most eye over, because as it is right now the hook doesn't stay. XD;

Other than that, however, it's totally complete.
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So I have been working on a tea dress, right? Supposedly, at least - I spent a lot of time letting it languish in a box. When Stevie came in January I had her help me with my underskirt hem and I've been working on it again since then, so let's pretend I've been working on it.


As it turns out, the pattern is not as crap as I thought. It's actually quite good. But there was definitely a screw up in the instructions and a high chance that the printer was off when my copy was printed. I had e-mailed the owner of the site about the pattern, asking why the directions said to sew "the side and front seams" of the underskirt, when the patterns says to cut the material on the fold (thus eliminating the need for a front seam). It took her a while, but today I got my answer - there are no front seams. I was right about that.

And I got a free pattern for noticing the mix-up.

This is quite awesome.

Also, also, also. With the exception of a pretty lace trim to go around the bodice and down the front of the dress, and one more hem? MY DRESS IS DONE. AND WEARABLE. AND FITS. AND IS TOTALLY HANDSEWN.

I love myself sometimes. XD
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So I spent all of last week being sick (and not working on my dress). I went into work four out of five days. I could tell you about the bullshit I had to go through on Thursday, when all I wanted to do was sleep and be miserable. Suffice it to say that it is not worth it to call out sick; much better to get into a pile-up on the way to work and tell the company later 'I told you so'.

Instead I will talk about my dress, which I haven't talked about in a while. Basically, my pattern lied. All this talk of cutting out 1 on the fold is lies. In order to make the skirt proper one needs 2 on the fold at least. Then for the two over skirt layers it encourages cutting out two on the selvage. This is crap. If one is going to gather in those two layers with the rest of the skirt like they're supposed to, the over skirt layers wind up somewhere over the hip. The point of them is to still reach around enough to look as though they're coming down directly from the bodice. You can't do that if you don't cut out 4 panels.

In conclusion, the pattern is crap.

But I spent the weekend cutting the four new panels needed and sewing them together. So the new overskirt layers are together again; I just need to pin them back to the skirt proper, rerun the gathering stitches and regather, and then I can finally sew the skirt to the bodice. After that it's a matter of hooks and eyes and hemming.

That much of my life is exciting, at least.
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I'm afraid I lied; I'm not editing the last post with the dress diary. I've done enough work on it, I think, that it merits its own. I don't remember all the dates exactly, either, and a lot of steps are without a photograph documenting them.

At least you get an lj cut )


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