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So my very annoying company is sending grant into Gunma on Thursday and Friday. He's going to video Giovanni and myself in our schools, so OF COURSE he picks Eimei - my least favorite school. It's on a super special day when I'm going to be with the fourth graders, too. I'm NEVER with the fourth graders - any video he gets will not be representative of my usual teaching there. I'm not sure if that's a bad or a good thing, yet.

It will bring up a chance for me to bully Grant into giving me a car (though what I really want is a scooter). The bike was fine during the summer. Sure it was hot and oppressive out there, but I can deal with that. Now that it's cooling into winter? The northern head winds going several miles an hour are constantly blowing, and by the time I get anywhere - the Family Mart, work, home, the cleaners - my chest has constricted and I have trouble breathing. It's that cold and that much work to keep the bike moving forward. It's worse when it rains and I don't even want to think of what it could be like when it snows.

Either that or Grant can prepare for a metric ton of receipts for taxi cab rides coming in, because I'm just not going to deal with the bike anymore. I wasn't supposed to have the damn thing to begin with.

My patterns still haven't come. Neither has any mail for that matter. On the bright side, I am reading a lot more these last two months than I have all year. I finished three books in August and I'm on my fourth of September as we speak. I didn't realize how much I missed reading until I found myself with little to do and nobody to talk to online.

Totally unrelated: I am not happy about the loss of the Dragon Cave fansite. Since it, I haven't been able to grow my dragons beyond hatchlings. They all die. orz

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Spent the weekend with [ profile] capncosmo, having our ikebana lesson on Saturday morning (wherein I gave myself a blood blister) and then going around to karaoke as we are wont to do. Good times.

I'm halfway through season 2 of Most Haunted, and just finished Practical Magic on the train. I'm undecided how well I like Alicia Hoffman. Her style is very free flowing and she jumps from character to character, from present to past to future, all the time. Also her chapters are really long. Like an average of 80 to 90 pages long.

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I am apparently fascinating to hairstylists in Japan. Though granted, I only have been to one place, but I've been there three times and I think I've repeated my 'life story' (such as it pertains to me being in Japan) each time. Similarly, each time I mention that I've only been here since March, I get asked how my Japanese has gotten so good. Today I was even told by one of the employees that my intonation is perfect and she couldn't hear any trace of foreigner in my voice. TAKE THAT JAPAN - WE DON'T ALL SPEAK LIKE BADLY PROGRAMMED ROBOTS.

Also, now all I have to do is dye my hair and it will be awesome again.

Following my hair cut I saw a vest I really wanted, but sadly it was part of a set and I couldn't get it on its own. So instead I got a long black shirt with a picture of Marilyn Monroe on it. It's pretty cute.

Inoue Mao is supposed to be on Himitsu soon. This is exciting.

I have watched my way through all of series 1 of Most Haunted.

My fabric has supposedly shipped - lord knows it'll be a while until I get it though. No word about the patterns. This is distressing. D:

Lastly, dragons. Haven't done it in a while.

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PS Dragon.

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The eggs need the views. Also, I have nothing interesting to say today.

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Bet you thought you'd seen the last of these.

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But it's so pretty 8D
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Even though I've not played in a few months... I am weak to dragons.

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Yesterday was my dear [ profile] odin_za_vseh's birthday party, which involved delightful company and tea at Alice's Tea Cup. Also talk of going to the Dances of Vice Halloween event for a murder mystery at the Montauk Club. The weather has been surprisingly warm the past week, so it was really nice to walk around in, but it made the sweater I wanted to wear completely useless. Following tea, scones, and finger sandwiches, there was a quick stop made into H&M. After that we walked to 42nd and hopped onto the train before parting at the 33rd street stop when the local decided to run express to 14th.

In other news... there is no other news.
This week I don't have to practice teach for class, which is exciting, but then next week it's right back to it.

Oh. And I have this new fangled thing, which I am attempting to figure out.
I'm special like that.

I will soon have one of every type of dragon, I think. I just need the four seasons ones.

Dragon Cave is too much fun for it's own good XD; )
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My parents left for a four-day weekend in Santa Fe with one of my mom's old friends Ira, and came back late Monday night - just in time for Yom Kippur. Yom Kippur is one of my least favorite holidays. For an entire day I'm not allowed to eat. It muchly sucks. Stupid fasting holidays. Tomorrow I'm going to go in for the morning services with my dad because I haven't been in four years and I missed Rosh Hashana services because of class. I owe him the morning, at least.

I started clearing some things from my room - it's finally time to swap the summer clothes for the winter clothes and bust out all my awesome and amazing coats and jackets. This is the most exciting thing to happen for me in a while, which is sad. I've also just thrown out quite a lot of paper and things that were just cluttering my floor - who needs spring cleaning when you can have autumn cleaning? I've also realized that I need new jeans and pants. Somehow over the summer I've dropped nearly 20 pounds and my pants are all sliding around my hips.

And finally, I will be very happy when my TESOL class is over and done with. Between it and work, I'm tired as anything. Plus it gets in the way of anything resembling a social life.

The eggs (and hatchling). They require that you click them. )
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You know, if you don't want to talk to me, don't tell me you're going to be on and then not come on and don't force yourself to struggle through a conversation with me just because I started it.

Just tell me you don't want to talk.

And let's never forget:
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My parents are leaving me tomorrow and going to visit their friend who either lives in New Mexico or Texas - I don't remember which. This means I have the house to myself until Monday, so I have to figure out what I'm going to do about food. Joy. I don't particularly like cooking in our kitchen because it's tiny, but I don't want to live on take out, either. *le sighe*

I'm just hoping I remember to wake up and go to work and class.

PS: Click my dragonses please.♥
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So ... how does this sound to you all:

South Africa.
A private resort in the Bush formed from what used to be a rented home.
Sure they wake you up at 5:30 so you can have tea at 6:00 and watch the sun rise.
Then they drive you around a bit and pause at 7:00 so they can prepare coffee and biscotti for you.
And drive you some more until about 8:00 where they drive you out to have breakfast on blankets and pillows around a fire.
Then they drive you around some more, bringing you back to the house for lunch, and you go out again after tea at 15:00.
And you have cocktails out in the open a while later.
And then they drive you back for drinks in the lounge, and dinner after those, at which point you can get more wine.
And for the time you're there, you have a butler. Who will draw you bubble baths with flower petals and bring you hot water bottles for your laps when you go out in the early morning.

This is what my father's cousin Betsy did not long ago.
I want to go next.


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The eggys, they need clicks. Blue in particular, but Red could use them, too.♥
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I has a Sho-egg.♥
Hopefully he and greenie are male.

And look! Now an Oh-chan-egg!
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All my other babies grew up!♥ Well, except Syna. She's nearly matured, though. So here's my new baby :D
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Elyn grew up.♥ These ones only have two days to live if they don't T^T

I survived my first not-quite-lesson (playing 2 truths and a lie, and asking the students what 5 things they would bring to a deserted island). I think. According to the trainer we all did pretty well - apparently some participants in other courses have run out of the room crying.

The class of ten split into 2 groups of five, and my group is the one who gets the intermediate English speakers first (the other group getting the elementary). We'll switch half way through. It's nice having it this way because if nothing else I can give slightly more complex instructions and not have to worry about the students staring blankly at me.

Next week is the first lesson-lesson. Not sure what we're expected to teach - I assume we'll be told on Thursday so we can start coming up with ideas for Monday. At least I get a full weekend this week :D

Tonight, after I get off work, Theo and I will make our way bravely down to Joe's Pub to see Plastic People of the Universe - a band from 1960s and 70s Czech Republic, about whom Tom Stoppard wrote his play Rock n' Roll. I am quite excited for this.

Also if all goes well, mum and I should finally get up to the Cloisters on Friday. This assumes we don't get rained out again.
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My dragons. ♥ They are cute and amazing and shouldn't die. ♥

In the TESOL world, I teach my first not-quite-lesson tomorrow D:
Really it's just two warmer activities, to get the class (and we have no idea how big that class will be) comfortable with each other. Still. NERVES. THEY OWN ME.

The iron and tape measure are mine (have been since yesterday). However, the fabric, I found, is warped. Also the guy cut it really funny, so the back of the chemise barely reaches my ankles, while the front is dragging on the floor. *sigh* The sleeves and neck ruffles, at least, if not the body of the chemise itself, will be salvagable.
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All my dragons have hatched.
Are they not adorable (if uninspiringly named)? ♥ Please click so they don't die. ♥

I need to go buy a cheap iron and a measuring tape. Apparently our old iron broke, and God only knows where the measuring tape went. Knowing mother, probably into the garbage - not that she'd ever admit to it. Ah well. Once those supplies are in hand I will be able to start work on my Chemise la Reine, which I will probably hand sew.

In teaching news, yesterday was an all day class. The only one we were scheduled to have, luckily, but still. Such a perfectly nice day was wasted in a room with no windows. But~ I teach my first 'getting to know you' activity on Tuesday to volunteer students. I teach my first lesson the Tuesday after. Fun stuff.


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