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At last, a bit of decent weather. *eyes it warily* Now to see if it stays ...

Not incredibly much to report. If I was iffy on the subject of nationalism before, my 'Nationalism in modern history' class readings are doing absolutely nothing to change my opinion. A bunch of social scientists and/or historians arguing the same points in big words and long fuck-off sentences do not fun readings make. So far I think my favorite (read: WTF) moment of the class was when some girl basically said that Elie Kedourie was anti-progress and anti-nationalism because he was Jewish. (insert sarcasm) Becuase yeah. All us Jews. Anti-everything, that's us. Don't forget - we control your media, too. Fairly soon we're switching over from nationalism in general to Arab nationalism, and oh joy! won't that be fun. Or not. (end sarcasm)

On the upshot, my professor is a Yankees fan, so I get a few minutes of baseball talk in before each class. Not as good as seeing games, but better than nothing.

Also have not yet gotten my new debit/credit (not sure which) card. This is getting worrisome.
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Today was sunny. Sunny. There was sun in the sky all day long - it never got covered even once while I was out. So tell me, have large cracks started appearing in the earth back home? Because I'm fairly certain this isn't normal.

Of course with it being so sunny, I had to go out. Vampirically pale though I may be, there was nothing short of disease that could keep me from exploring London without needing an umbrella and water-proof boots. So out I went after having toast and tea, and decided to stop at Starbucks for a treat (I've been really, really good - I've been once today and once for my birthday; nothing in between). Then I decided that I needed to re-visit the Victoria and Albert Museum (across the street from the Natural History Museum) and see if the exhibits that Grandma and I saw almost four years ago were still there and mostly the same. They were. But now there are gorgeous new exhibits that weren't open four years ago - Islamic and South Asiatic art, for the most part, and a whole series of European art from 1400 to 1600. My plan is to go back with my camera and take pictures of everything - because holy shit were some of these set-ups wonderful. Especially the European porcelain, primarily French and German with some Italian, and the furniture. The cafe is even something to gawk at, what with its main dining area matching the facade of the building and the rest of it being stark white. Not to mention the aroma coming from the bakery.

After wandering through the halls of the V&A for about two and a half hours, I decided that Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens (which are really just continuations of each other) would be the perfect place for ambling through slowly. And was I ever right. They're so very huge and rambling and beautiful - rather like Central Park in many ways, but without the closed-in feeling that the sky-line can give you. It's all open, and spans a branch of river as well as having many big ponds. I walked the width of Kensington Gardens, as I wanted to see the Peter Pan statue and the Italian fountains, and then walked half the length of Bromley Road. The road is home to exhibitors displaying their original paintings, oils and watercolours, and occasionally jewelry and figurines. Towards the end of the road is another gate way which I entered so as to cut through the park and thus make my way home a bit shorter. And what did I do while I was there? I walked straight onto the grounds of Kensington Palace without even realizing it. You can do that, you know, and have tea at the Orangery - which I have every intention of doing next weekend. There is also a shop in the palace. Of course, I hear you say, there's a shop for every attraction ever; but this shop is quite tasteful. There are none of the cheesy little erasers and key chains and pencils that make up the wares of so many other stores. This one carries replicated tea sets and Christmas ornaments and ink-wells and lace coasters; all things that I'd buy in a second if I could afford them. I didn't stay to look at prices, so I shall have to go back and hope that something is within my budget.
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Holy shit! Breaking news, people: There is sun outside my window - as in the clouds of England have parted overhead and OH MY LORD there's light!

That is all.

Except not.

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes. Considering there was no party and it was just myself and Dana at a bad Italian-wannabe restaurant, it was a really good birthday. My parents got me the Rat Pack collection DVD set - it has the original Ocean's 11, and Robin and the 7 Hoods and 4 For Texas. I'm very excited about this ♥ They also got me Fargo - which I can honestly say I'm not sure why. I've seen the movie, but it's never been a particular favorite of mine.

My school also switched the schedule around, not because of me but because of professor conflicts, and so though I normally have class until 5:45 on Monday, I didn't have it at all, making my birthday celebration possible. Quite nice of them ;)

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