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I think I just saw the most amazing concert I will ever see in my life. Plastic People of the Universe, a band that started in 1960s Czech Republic and were a part of the Prague Spring, came to New York. This group is composed of: Grandpa Sax/Clarinet, Grandpa Violin, Grandpa Upright Bass, Uncle Three-Scale-Keyboard, Grandpa Guitar, and Auntie Bass. This is who they are to me, because we weren't given play bills, and I went in totally cold to their music. The main reason I went was because Theo invited me and I figured: well, why not?

I am so glad I agreed.

The music is absolutely haunting. Grandpa Violin shreds his violin like a guitar, and Grandpa Sax gets some of the most chilling sounds out of his sax and clarinet. And in between songs, both would adjust their glasses XD Grandpa Sax would stand with a hand on one hip while he waited, and peer at you from over the rims of his. It was precious!

Auntie Bass is probably only in her mid-30s, and is clearly new to the band. (Their original bassist died 7 or 8 years ago they said.) She is awesome.

Oh, and the Czech Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Czech representative to the UN (which is in session right now) were both in the audience. They came on stage in the middle to say a few words, and the Minister told us how he had seen them in the 60s, and "they've become old in the meantime ..." but are still perfect musicians.

Really, he's right.


Feb. 11th, 2003 08:10 pm
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And so went the concert. It was fine for the most part, Barbara warmed me up quickly, gave me some simple make-up so my face could be seen under the lights, and I waited for my turn to shine *cheesy grin*.

Piccalo joined the audience to watch me (I was sitting towards the back with the other singers/pianists) and we had much fun making fun of certain acts. I was nervous as all fuck, which I usually am when I have to perform, and I think my voice cracked on one of the earlier notes because my throat was dry, but according to mom she couldn't tell. This is a good thing, a very good thing. It means I still have control over myself even though my heart is working overtime.

Dana also came to see me and a few of her other friends who were in the show, and she said that I sounded really good. I got other compliments of the same nature afterwards, and a decently loud applause, so I am content.


Feb. 10th, 2003 08:02 pm
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My concert is tomorrow, and our one and only full show run-through was today. The acts seem pretty good, for the most part. There are these two kids who have great gituar skills, but horrible voices and it should be illegal that they're being allowed to sing. Then there's this kid who has great gituar skills but mumbles rather than sings so you can't understand him. To make things worse than they should be, the song he's mumblin' is Jonny B. Good, which happens to be one of my favorites. Mental note to self: must not kill.

I'm doing, guess what, Adelaide's Lament. Y'know, I like the song, and I love Guy's and Dolls, but really, I'm surprised that I'm being allowed to sing that thing. It's become my trademark song, it seems, 'cause I sing it for every fuckin' concert. (Actually, that's a lie, but it damn well feels like I do.) And I even tried suggesting that I sing something else, but my teacher Barbara told the guy who's putting this all together that I'd sing that, and apparently he really likes the idea. Eh.

Just hope the show goes well. He's using heavy sound equipment - mics and amps with God only knows how much power behind them. It's really enough to make you deaf! He wanted me to have a mic, actually hold the damn thing, but Broadway does not lend itself to hand mics, and I very quickly persuaded him to simply leave all the mics on at half volume. I know how to project and they'll be able to pick up my voice. *shrug* Hopefully the show'll be good.


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