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So my company keeps earning strike after strike. This time it's about the rental car. The company they work with (I haven't actually been to the office so this is hearsay) is apparently a literal mom-and-pop place. The wife deals with the customers and the husband and son are the mechanics. So what they don't do is inspect the cars.

Upon retrieving my car in Tochigi two weeks ago, it came to me with an empty tank of gas and an absolutely filthy interior. I naturally made it my first stop to go to a gas station and get the tank filled and the car cleaned. While they were cleaning I was made aware of a battery problem and the need for an oil change. Calling my boss got me only the great advice that the garage was probably trying to get more money out of me and that if I wanted to get the car looked at I should stay in Tochigi overnight so I could drive an hour out to the company base and get it looked at. This was on a Saturday, which would mean driving all the way back from Tochigi to Gunma on a Sunday - that would have meant either driving back by myself or driving back with [ profile] capncosmo only to put her on the train. I decided to continue driving.

Now I can't say that the fact the battery failed this morning is Joytalk's fault - I could have gotten it looked at either two weeks ago or last week (because it's so very convenient to drive to Tochigi). But nonetheless the battery did fail this morning. (It was fine on Saturday.) I had to take a cab in to work this morning and I will have to be driven back home this afternoon. Apparently the car company will now have to drive me down a new car - this will take two days, so I'll probably have to do this tomorrow and Wednesday, too.

The reason this earns my company strikes is that, well, if they worked with a company that maybe inspected their cars before sending them out, this wouldn't be a problem.
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So my very annoying company is sending grant into Gunma on Thursday and Friday. He's going to video Giovanni and myself in our schools, so OF COURSE he picks Eimei - my least favorite school. It's on a super special day when I'm going to be with the fourth graders, too. I'm NEVER with the fourth graders - any video he gets will not be representative of my usual teaching there. I'm not sure if that's a bad or a good thing, yet.

It will bring up a chance for me to bully Grant into giving me a car (though what I really want is a scooter). The bike was fine during the summer. Sure it was hot and oppressive out there, but I can deal with that. Now that it's cooling into winter? The northern head winds going several miles an hour are constantly blowing, and by the time I get anywhere - the Family Mart, work, home, the cleaners - my chest has constricted and I have trouble breathing. It's that cold and that much work to keep the bike moving forward. It's worse when it rains and I don't even want to think of what it could be like when it snows.

Either that or Grant can prepare for a metric ton of receipts for taxi cab rides coming in, because I'm just not going to deal with the bike anymore. I wasn't supposed to have the damn thing to begin with.

My patterns still haven't come. Neither has any mail for that matter. On the bright side, I am reading a lot more these last two months than I have all year. I finished three books in August and I'm on my fourth of September as we speak. I didn't realize how much I missed reading until I found myself with little to do and nobody to talk to online.

Totally unrelated: I am not happy about the loss of the Dragon Cave fansite. Since it, I haven't been able to grow my dragons beyond hatchlings. They all die. orz

About-to-be-dead dragons under here )
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So go figure, the one class I was supposed to have, I no longer have. This is due to a change in schedule - and when does anybody ever think to tell me about those until I'm standing on their classroom doorstep? *sigh*

Oh well, back to working on Blood Contract and prowling through the new JE anonymeme. At least it's a curry lunch day.


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