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Going into Ueno/Harajuku/Shinjuku with Stevie (I'M SORRY IT'S NOT OKINAWA, AMANDA), because she hasn't seen Tokyo yet. And maybe because I get a late birthday day out of it. We're getting out late, but there will be plenty of time for her shopping. I'm dragging her back for Saigo no Yakusoku after an early dinner anyway. XD
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As of some undetermined time perhaps 7 hours ago, I am 24. Happy birthday to me. 8Db

Now to work through it, and hope mom's brownies arrive without issue.
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So I'm an idiot and forgot to mention it on the proper day.

Happy (belated) birthday, [ profile] kysen! May you continue to bring down the master hand of the pimp on the unsuspecting public for many more years.

Also, things are not shaping up to be good when you wake up in the morning and walk our your door and straight into a spider web. That spider web was not there last night and it belonged to a really big spider. orz

Finally: Whhhhhhhhhhy do things take so long to come here from America? It's at least two weeks for a letter going average post to come. I want mail that isn't fliers for apartments I can't afford and bills. T^T I also want my fabric and patterns to come, but I probably won't see any of them until Friday at the earliest. I need to find fabric stores in Maebashi, but I'm sure that even if I did, I'd also find that they're all only in driving distance - and how would I be able to fit yards of fabric in a bicycle basket anyway?
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As of 8:20, I am 23 8D
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Sometimes I think that the airlines must be out to make sure people never want to fly with them again.

Case in point: United. )

Anyway. The day I was home was nice. Got to Kinokuniya to pick up some magazines - mostly May issues, though they had the June Myojo.

Dinner (the whole reason I was there to begin with). Was. Amazing.

There's a place called The River Cafe in Brooklyn, right under the Brooklyn Bridge on, go figure, the river. You can see the South Street Seaport from the windows, and the Statue of Liberty if you're in the right seat. The meals are fixed price appetizer, main course, and desert at $98 and holy shit do you get your money's worth. Everything was well cooked, all the food was fresh, the mint in my mojito had probably been picked from an herb garden in the back.

The greeting room is made to resemble what could be a first class cabin off the Titanic, full of exquisite flowers and sakura trees that still had blossoms, and the entry into the actual restaurant is a covered gang-plank. They have live piano occasionally, and quite thankfully do not come out singing 'happy birthday' and trying to get the whole restaurant to join in.
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Holy shit! Breaking news, people: There is sun outside my window - as in the clouds of England have parted overhead and OH MY LORD there's light!

That is all.

Except not.

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes. Considering there was no party and it was just myself and Dana at a bad Italian-wannabe restaurant, it was a really good birthday. My parents got me the Rat Pack collection DVD set - it has the original Ocean's 11, and Robin and the 7 Hoods and 4 For Texas. I'm very excited about this ♥ They also got me Fargo - which I can honestly say I'm not sure why. I've seen the movie, but it's never been a particular favorite of mine.

My school also switched the schedule around, not because of me but because of professor conflicts, and so though I normally have class until 5:45 on Monday, I didn't have it at all, making my birthday celebration possible. Quite nice of them ;)

movie meme )
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First thing's first:

And ... I guess Pavano can have a happy birthday as well. *grumblegrumble* But more importantly: Happy birthday to me! Not that anyone in Britain gives a wank, but I have reached full legality in America, so that when I return I shall be able to drink you all under the table. (Or not, because honestly, it's far too expensive for me to want to.) I can also finally open the present from my parents that has been sitting on my table since Friday, daring me to open it before my birthday day.

I appear to have developed a bit of an obsession with a program called Torchwood - a spin off of Dr. Who. The sad part? I've only seen the season finale. Yes, finale. And as far as I can see they're not playing reruns yet. *Sighe*

Off to do some actual shopping so I don't live on spaghetti and garlic salt all term. Also to do my laundry - I finally found the laundrette, and it's stupidly far away. So is the grocery, for that matter, but oh well.
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Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, birthday parties rule! Especially mine! Muwahahahahahahahahaha! Fuu-neechan and I decided to celebrate together this year; so we rounded up as many friends as possible and headed off to Chealsie Piers for ... BOWLING!!!

(The following happened between 1 PM and 6ish PM.)

Yes, folks, that's correct we were going to go bowling. And yes, I said 'were'. 'Cause we didn't. The lanes were full and that place is so damn expensive per game that not many felt like paying. So we did the next best thing; the Arcade of Ten Games. Yep, Chealsie Piers sports an "arcade" that has all of ten games that you'd want to waste your money on. So that's exactly what we did. A whole bunch of us wasted a whole bunch of money to play many shooting games.

After three or so hours of this, we went to get food. We ate at the very famous Ray's Pizza. (I swear, there's one every five blocks in NYC.) After all was said and done there, we left and went home.

1. Eowyn doll
2. Two anime posters (one Ruroni Kenshin and the other not)
3. Books, many books, and all by J.R.R. Tolkien.
4. 2 necklaces and earrings
5. Money!!!
6. Michelle Branch's CD
7. A reallllllly nice bag and spritzy smelly stuff (also known as fragrance)
8. A new computer with all the works
9. A bit more money.
10. A really nice candle holder
11. A toy puppy dog (who has since been named Boromir)
12. A key-chain from Japan in the form of a little kitty

Talk about some great gifts, and all from people I love! *glomps all my friends*

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Yeah, there you have it. It's m' birthday. I'm 17. All run in fear and find really sturdy bomb shelters; I'll be legal in one more year. That is all.


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