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After two classes this morning, I have been keeping myself occupied by reading up on the Yankees's delightful World Series and smirking to myself. The stations around here have reported on a couple of the wins because of Matsui, but they never give the whole story. 3-1, one win to go. If my dad were still here we'd probably be on the phone every night. (His big thing at the end of every season was telling me that Steinbrenner was going to call him up for the postseason; it became a big yearly joke. He'd probably still be trying to convince me of it.)

It's hilarious reading the comments on the MLB website. Apparently the only tune anybody can sing to explain why the Phillies are losing is the lack of a salary cap. (Usually the only tune anyone sings when the Yankees win ever, anyway.) People seriously need a new line.

I cut back all my Yankees icons because I'm getting rid of the extra 100 user pics option, but now I wish I hadn't. I need to make new icons anyway.

Finally, it is dark as anything and freezing here and I want to go hooooooooome. T^T
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So, I dropped off the face of the Baseball Earth following the trade of Farnsy because, as I saw it, that was the beginning of the end. (And why people were so surprised that it ended in September I don't get.) But I had to come back into it for this: With a 20 win season behind him, Moose announced his retirement today.

I'll miss you, you crotchety old man.
And I kind of hope that Girardi's right and that he gets pulled back into it.
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So, this is what I'm hearing:

We have a new manager in Girardi.
There's a possibility of O'Niell joining the staff.
We've lost our bench coach.
Rivera has finally spoken with the FO.
Pettitte will play for us or retire.
There hasn't been any news on Bowa, has there?
AND WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS ABOUT MELKY FOR SOME OTHER CABRERA?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Is Omi gonna have to choke a bitch?!?!?!?!?!?!

... Oh yeah.

And happy Hallowe'en.
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I can't remember a manager before Joe Torre.

Looks like I'm going to have to learn a new one soon. I don't even know who I'd want to see managing the Yankees after Torre. And what a crappy deal the FO gave him.

This post season was upsetting, but now it bites.
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We had a shit start. We worked our way through it 'til the end, because we refused to go out quietly.

The Yankees will always be my boys.

What sucks most about our early exit? Hearing about it via text alert because there wasn't a damn television free to watch the games.
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Attention Red Sox: Objects in mirror are closer than they appear.

One game back in the loss column!

Pettitte gets 200 career wins.

Mariano makes this his 10th straight year of 30 or more saves.

I love my boys.
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I love it when Girardi makes fun of Kay in the booth almost as much as I hate Youkilis and his giant bald head.
(Kay: "I think they might be mathematically eliminated."
Girardi: "That might be what the x means on your standings card.")

I love it more when Matsui hits home runs to nearly-dead center.

Oh, and I suffered through the dentist today. That was fun. Not.
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Jim Joyce is not a man. Jim Joyce is what happens when a foghorn mates with an old time Ford car horn.

Also, Wells trapped that ball. He did not catch it.
Scotty looks down on your lame calls.
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All right Alex! 50 home runs in one season. First right handed batter on the Yankees to do so; first Yankee since Mantle and Maris.
Go man, go!

[edit] Wow damn. That was an inning of innings. However, here's hoping that Pettitte is okay for the rest of the game.

P.S. Damn you, BitTorrent, give me Yamada Tarou!
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You were on the grass by three feet.
Take your bald head and get off my field.

No love,

OHMIGOD. Melky wearing a sunflower seed box rally-cap is the most precious thing I've ever seen in a baseball game, ever.
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This is what I like in a Yankees game. Yesterday never happened. We will never speak of it again. That is all.
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Pictures from the 2007.08.13 Orioles @ Yankees game. Beware, some are really blurry.

And yes, I'm still working on uploading the rest of my pictures from Kyoto. I may or may not upload the 300+ other pictures from Japan that were not taken during my time in Kyoto. We'll see.
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Memo: Yankees )
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Just saw Dana for dinner and The Bourne Ultimatum. Lots of things smashing and guns shooting, and a very long car chase in the streets of New York, but only one truly good explosion. Not bad at all as movies go, particularly of this type. I was pleased.

Tomorrow I'm going to the Balitmore @ Yankees game with dad. The boys, I know, will be awesome and amazing and win 20 to 1. If the camera should chance upon me (as we've got some pretty damn good seats - field box section 25 along the third base line) I'll be the one in the black and orange Yomiuri Giants cap.

Tuesday I'm seeing Dana in her cabaret performance.

Still need to get my hair done. I'm quite annoyed by the bangs that are no longer really bangs.
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Hold on.



I get on the 'Net for the first time since Osaka and what do I come back to? THE DODGERS?! Scott to THE DODGERS?!?! What the HELL?!

Cashman, for the first time in a while, I really hate you. You couldn't have just let me come back to A-Rod's 500th homerun or that now we're only .5 back from the Wild Card, could you? Ergh.


Anyway, I'm in Nagoya now. I still have about fifteen million pictures that haven't made it up yet, I know, but those'll have to wait. Last night as a group we had a Great Picture Exchange, so I have to go through everyone's pictures and delete what I can, first. Also I'm in a Marriott above the JR Takashimaya, and it's exciting to walk through it and poke at stuff. Especially the Sanseido CD section.

Tomorrow afternoon I board the plane to California and begin my 16 jikan-gurai journey home. Yay economy.
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Huh. Hillenbrand DFA'd, eh?
How much we betting that he's on the Yanks in about a week?
Joy of joys.

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Dude! I'm listening to the Yankees on my laptop in Japan. I love technology.

What in the good name of fuck is a Diamondback? )

And I'm off to the museum. See you all later.
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There are few things better than landing in Japan and turning on your internet to discover that in your absence, the Yankees have swept the Pirates, bringing their win streak to six games.

One of those things would be actually landing in Japan.

The second flight actually landed in Nagoya this time at about 12 yesterday afternoon. It took half an hour to get through customs and grab my bags and I was on the train to Nagoya Station by 13:05. The train pulled in at 14:05; just five minutes after the 14:00 bus left for Iida and so I wasn't able to meet with anybody from the group. But the bus pulled out from Nagoya at 15:00, and pulled in about 17:20. Ten minutes before the reception started. I was met by Rob and brought to the Kominkan, where I met my host family. They are a family of five with a small dog named Charo. Very cute little thing, which apparently lives in a cage in the Genkan.

They have internet, as you might notice ;)

I don't know how often I'll use the internet cord, however, so posting may be sporadic.
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Woah damn is Moose ever pitching a good game. (I was watching it in my parent's room) Some absolutely gorgeous pitches. I am pleased.

I'm also guilty of laughing sinisterly when I heard that Schilling lost his bid for a no-hitter in the 9th with two out. The only thing that kept me from laughing louder or longer was the fact that I was in a restaurant.

Still packing. Since I'm leaving at three, I figure there's no sense in me even trying to sleep. I'll figure something to keep me awake. Probably last minute packing.

[edit] Bobby, I love you. Let me have your babies. Kthxbai.

[edit #2] Alex, I love you and your cursing. Let me have your other babies. Kthxbai.

[edit #3] Now we're just being mean to them. I like it! <3

[edit #4] Right. Torre just became the first man in MLB history with 2000 hits as a player and 2000 wins as a manager. So, what's this about him being unable to manage?
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After a remarkably painless set of flights (not including getting to the airport only to realize that one of my bags is 6.5lbs over the maximum weight allowed), I am back at home. Actually landed at 23:00 last night to the news of Bobby hitting a solo home run to give the Yanks a 5-1 lead. While waiting for my bags I got the news that the Wanger pitched himself a complete game *squishes him* Have now seen his new haircut; I prefer him slightly shaggy myself.

Going out for a lunch with my 'nee-chan later.

Buying some stuff to take with me to Japan now.

Good lord, I'm leaving in less than 20 hours.


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