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Apparently if I want to keep driving next year, I either must spend three months in America (to make an international driver's permit legal again) or get a Japanese license. Getting a license would be fine if I were planning on staying in Japan for several more years - it only makes sense to have the license of the country/state you live in.


Just to apply for the test I need to fill out forms and send them and 3,380 yen to the Japan Automobile Federation, and then wait for further instructions. The actual test itself includes written and practical driving, but it also includes being automatically failed the first time, being failed the second time for good measure, being failed the third time just for the instructor's fun, and maybe being allowed to pass the fourth time. One of the other Joytalk employees had to take the test five times before they passed. I don't even know where I'm supposed to go to take these tests after I submit all the documentation.

Japan. Why do you exist to make life hard for people?

Also, no word yet on the training dates for Spring, though apparently the Tochigi people are having it on the 5th (which will be the day I get back from America - I predicted that, but leaving any earlier made the price of tickets skyrocket). I don't even know if I'm staying here in Maebashi or not.

Sigh, my life.

Back to attaching sleeves to my blouse.
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I don't think I've ever really iterated how much I love mens' figure skating. I really love mens' figure skating. Like burning. I just saw Plushenko, and that makes me happy, but hot damn was Takahashi's routine good.

And they're first and second. I can agree with this.
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I am probably going to regret it when the e-mail from my company comes telling me that our training days are something ridiculous like March 31st and April 1st, but today I bought my tickets home. I will leave here the morning of the 26th and I will return in the afternoon of April 5th (leaving New York on the morning of April 4th).

Frankly, I don't care if I miss training. I'm sick of them waiting until the last damned minute to decide anything. Prices skyrocket and they know it. What I'm worried about is the health check. If that winds up being during the time I'm still in New York, I don't know what I'm going to do. :/

Oh well, we'll have to see what happens.
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Awwwwwwwwww Arashi look so sad without Sho on Music Station tonight. XD YUKI and Porno Graffiti are both on, making this well worth it. (We'll pretend KAT-TUN don't exist because um, Jin. Cut the skeezy hair for real.) Also, the Backstreet Boys are on. It's going to be HILARIOUS.

ETA: The awesome is already starting with Taka-san making fun of them with Nino while hiding behind a giant picture of Tamori-san.

ETA II: LOL Nino pointing out that MS had forgotten KAT-TUN. Also Kame, please keep your hair short always. You actually look good like this. (Super super LOL because Nino is too short and is being blocked by DJ Ozma's and Kinashi's enormous hair.)

ETA III: Digital Sho is hilarious. They should do that for the whole Olympics.
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I have spent my entire day between three things: hair dying (it's shiny red again), role-playing, and sewing.

After careful consideration of my supplies comparative to my pattern, I decided I didn't have enough to start on the Edwardian walking jacket. Namely I don't have the lining fabric for it, or enough fabric to make a toile of it. I discovered that Hancocks sells muslin at a very nice price - but doesn't offer international shipping. I'll be making that when I get home in the spring.

So, instead, I am in the middle of making the Gibson Girl blouse from Folk Wear patterns. I had already bought fabric for that - and I appear to have over bought, since I think I could probably toile the 1914 dress from the rest. We'll see after I finish the blouse - assuming I finish it before March.
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I want a subscription to Your Wardrobe Unlock'd really badly. Really, REALLY badly. Why is it so expensive. orz
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Yay new projects.

With the dress finished as much as she can be - the seams are all set and so far I've only found some fairly ugly and very much not 1910 eyelet lace - I'm hanging her up for the moment. (Literally 8Db)

In her place I will begin work on the Edwardian walking jacket pattern - if I buckle down I should have that done by March, in time for real wearing. The plan is to read the instructions as soon as I get home and hopefully get all that fabric cut out. We'll see about starting actual sewing work when that is done with.
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Had only two classes today and nobody to play with, so I spent most of my day clicking on the members of [ profile] dressdiaries. There are enough people who are still active that I only got through half the B's. LOL

Also in lol-worthy news, in 1-4, somebody wrote a school paper article about Nino and how he's awesome. I wholeheartedly agree. 8Db
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Waratte Koraete is apparently having a New York special tonight. I'm a little afraid.


Now I must finish sewing lace and decide what to do about dinner.
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So I have been working on a tea dress, right? Supposedly, at least - I spent a lot of time letting it languish in a box. When Stevie came in January I had her help me with my underskirt hem and I've been working on it again since then, so let's pretend I've been working on it.


As it turns out, the pattern is not as crap as I thought. It's actually quite good. But there was definitely a screw up in the instructions and a high chance that the printer was off when my copy was printed. I had e-mailed the owner of the site about the pattern, asking why the directions said to sew "the side and front seams" of the underskirt, when the patterns says to cut the material on the fold (thus eliminating the need for a front seam). It took her a while, but today I got my answer - there are no front seams. I was right about that.

And I got a free pattern for noticing the mix-up.

This is quite awesome.

Also, also, also. With the exception of a pretty lace trim to go around the bodice and down the front of the dress, and one more hem? MY DRESS IS DONE. AND WEARABLE. AND FITS. AND IS TOTALLY HANDSEWN.

I love myself sometimes. XD
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My mom sent me this card for Valentine's Day. My mom is seriously awesome. We'll ignore how early it is. XD;

Also. LOL Jun's fender-bender is on every single news station. It's kind of funny.
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I'm in one of those fantastic moods where I'm pissed off at everything and lonely at the same time and nothing's making it better. I want to bury my face in cake or something. Unfortunately I have none. Time for tea.

Totally unrelated: According to the news, somebody has created a machine that uses some kind of heat explosion to make the fruit soft (or liquidated?) enough to drink the juice straight from it. Kind of awesome, but the machine is so large that it's totally not worth it.

And even more unrelated: Lol, one of P.M. Hato's people told the other government people to shut up while he was talking.

And even more unrelated than that: Yuzu flavored chips are odd. Not bad. But odd.
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Some seriously amazing things from Kise Junior High:

Nagata-sensei: *marches three boys into the teachers room*
Nagata-sensei: *looks at them* Now. Watch. Me. *turns to me* Lisa-sensei. *puts down a handdrawn kabuto picture* What is this?
Lisa: *wonders if this is a quiz* A kabuto?
Nagata-sensei: *turns to boys* A KABUTO! Repeat! Kabuto!
Boys: *shuffling awkwardly* Kabuto.
Nagata-sensei: *draws a stag-horn beetle* Lisa-sensei. What is... THIS?
Lisa: *blinks* A stag-horn beetle?
Nagata-sensei: *turns to boys* A staghorum beetle... *turns to me* Staghorum?
Lisa: Stag. Horn.
Nagata-sensei: Ma?
Lisa: Horn.
Nagata-sensei: Stag. Hoarna beetle. *turns to boys* Repeat! Stag hoarna beetle.
Boys: *repeat*
Nagata-sensei: Again!
Boys: *repeat*
Nagata-sensei: Now! Rei! *boys to me* THANK YOU, LISA-SENSEI.
Boys: *mumble* Thank you, Lisa-sensei.
Nagata-sensei: *leads the boys away, making them repeat stag-horn beetle the whole time*

Just before second period English:

Marubashi: Lisa-sensei! おひさま!
Lisa: Good morning.
Marubashi: Lisa-sensei get かみカット?
Lisa: *nods*
Marubashi: 似合う! どこでした?
Lisa: 高崎のグラム。
Marubashi: おおおお! 私もgetカット。千円のヘアー変なおじいさんここでハッシャって。*points to her hair and makes the sign for money* This important!
Marubashi: Lisa-sensei! Your family... 何県? Ah, no, your family... FROM JAPANESE?! *beams proudly*
Friends: *in a chorus* 違う!
Lisa: *trying not to laugh* No, not from Japanese.

I swear that girl is going to grow up and either be a comedian or a Johnny's stalker. Or both.
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I have new hair. Not really, but I got it cut shorter than it's been in ages (which, if you know me, is not very short) and takes approximately an hour to air dry. Now I just need to re-dye it any things will be super-peachy.

I dipped into [ profile] sw_inku's hostess gift today; the oolong tea is delightful. It goes very well with the tiny opera cake I treated myself to buying yesterday. Said cake is pretty damn good, too.

It's been really warm around here lately, at least during the day. I saw on the news that sakura have started blooming, never mind that it's still January. This area still won't get them until around mid-March, though. I hope I'm here for them this year. Making sure I'm here for them would be to miss a chance to go home, and I really don't want to do that. orz
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[ profile] capncosmo and I went to Utsunomiya hoping to get advance tickets for the Shinkenger vs. Go-onger movie (only to find that advance tickets are simply not being sold) and came back with tickets for Alice in Wonderland instead. I am exceeeeeeeedingly excited. I want to see this movie like burning.

I let my 100 userpic add-on expire as an unnecessary expense, to discover that I have 65 anyway. Most excellent. I means I can have my Yankees icons again!

Also excellent? Is the fact that my stove turns itself off. I may have just attempted to boil water only to completely forget it was on the heater.

Now for Sho's Tokujo Kabachi!!. I am intrigued by the previews for Bloody Monday, but I haven't seen the first series. I should do that.
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In memory of family and friends who have lost the battle with cancer; and in support of the ones who continue to conquer it! Post this on your LJ if you know someone who has or had cancer. 93% won't copy and paste this. Will you?

Dad's birthday should have been tomorrow. Gwen's husband Bruce passed on not too long after. RIP.

In totally different news, today Steive and I woke at 5:30 to get her on the train. She should now be 15 minutes into her ride on the Narita Express. And I return to my life as a lonely bachelorette, eating conbini bento. We were both rather impressed with ourselves and our capacity for living on top of each other without burning my apartment down or killing each other. (I imagine the trip to Kyoto and the fact that we spent most of our time, when possible, outdoors helped.)

It was a very good nearly-two-weeks of visit and I will miss Stevie. :( At least I still have birthday brownies from mom. 8Db
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Dude. Shingo seriously is singing some of the best English I've heard coming out of a Japanese person's mouth. The rs need work, but that's a damn good 'naturally' he does. (I imagine he practiced for the last months, but still. Impressed am I. Also Brad Pitt needs to shave. WTF was that beard?)


Saturday I went out to an onsen with Amanda. FREAKING HOT WERE THOSE WATERS. Like, the hottest I've ever been in. Hot enough that I came out shivering with my vision whiting out. So that was fun. 8Db

Today the internets were out at school - and it just happened to be the day of the marathon, so I had no classes until 2. DEATH OF BOREDOM. Yes.

My mom sent me the most adorable package from her cruise in the Galapagos; I now have a really soft stuffed animal (I have no idea what it's meant to be, it looks kind of like a Yetti or something), rainbow gloves, and a pretty necklace. Speaking of my mother, she called on Sunday night and I now am in possession of a plane ticket to Honolulu on the 22 of December. I will be back on the 27th, just in time to receive [ profile] sw_inku. My winter is suddenly very full, and I am incredibly looking forward to it.
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In a last ditch effort to see 紅葉 (colored leaves), which were apparently still in season at Mt. Akagi, [ profile] maiaide came out to Maebashi this weekend. After a drive of many circles and "Crap, were we supposed to turn there?"s, we reached the summit of the mountain and lake Haruna, and discovered that no, in fact the leaves were all done. It was on the drive back to the city when we stopped at the visitor's center (which is about to close for the winter) and the lady behind the counter confirmed that the season was over. But the lake was still very pretty and there is a lovely shrine on the water and we saw a small girl out in full dress for 七五三.

We had a snack at the visitor's stand, bought apple mochi, and drove back to the city (and circled many streets) where we had lunch at a shabu-shabu place (which, since it was lunch time, was surprisingly cheap). Then we drove in yet more circles (since I really never drive beyond the area where I live and the moutain is far away from where I live), finally managing to find our way to Keiyaki Walk. I showed [ profile] maiaide around the mall, we did purikura, I bought two new books, and then we drove back to my place.

On Sunday we woke late, showered, and headed out for breakfast and coffee at the mall, because I had nothing in my apartment that was remotely breakfasty. (Or lunchy for that matter.) The single cutest thing happened while we were at Starbucks. A tiny boy wearing a Mickey Mouse hat was waiting for their order with his father; naturally he turned to stare at the scary foreigners. However, he was also holding a giant bag, and he was playing with his hat so much that it fell from his head. Since he had the giant bag in one hand and his father was holding his other, he couldn't figure out how to get the hat off the floor, so I put it back on his head for him. This started a game of him purposefully dropping his hat - but by then his father got in on it and was picking it up for him. Finally they got their order, and the boy's father let go his hand, so this time when the hat fell the boy picked it up and held it out to us. [ profile] maiaide reached for it, and he gave it to her, walking away without it. (This resulted in his father being all LOLWHATAREYOUDOINGTAKEITBACKLOL.) It was adorable.

Once again we wandered through Keiyaki, got caught out by a gaggle of my elementary school students, and I now have coffee enough to last me probably two months if not three or four. This is excellent.

Also. If you have not indicated to me a desire for a Christmas/Chanukkah/New Year's card via PM you can still do so. Even if you think I have your address, please give it to me anyway.
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It's that time of the year again! (And it's coming even earlier than usual to account for laziness, procrastination, and the time it takes to mail stuff from Japan.) It's time for Christmas/Chanukkah/New Year/Holiday cards!

If you want super shiny awesome traditional Japanese cards from me, please PM me with your address. I say PM because I am not, repeat, NOT screening the comments here. PMs will be just as private and secure.

And while I freeze slowly to death out here, they may be the last you ever hear from me, so get 'em while the getting's still good.


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