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Amanda and I have arrived safely in Osaka. We left Ujiie at 12 and didn't get to Shin-Osaka until 6:00 (this would have been made shorter had we not taken the normal train to Tokyo). We checked in at 6:30 and left right away to find Osaka-jo, and spent almost two hours attempting to take pictures in night-scenery mode. We went to a Chinese place pretty close to the hotel because their sign was on fire, and rushed back for TV, because that's the sort of life we lead.

Speaking of TV, have some reactions:

This was the money trope episode. Where lies didn't work to get enough energy to bring Mabo back from the naked-in-a-tank, the bad guys decide money will be the way. Utako is the one drawn in, which you'd think they'd have waited another episode for considering how they painted her to be the responsible one in the first episode. (It's hard to get into either of the human characters. I really hope the plan isn't going to jump back and forth between Hiroshi and Utako and the stupid things they do.)

Out of, originally, frustration and good intentions, Utako goes to the bad guy set-up to get free money in exchange for a bit of her life. Completely missing that the creepy not-church set-up looked exactly the same as episode one, she makes it all the way to the life-taking platform. There she realizes that she should probably Not Be There, but it's too late. I like to imagine that there's a drug like property to the life-taking platform that blows her want for
money out of proportion and makes her keep going back, otherwise I will have to be very angry with her.

Meanwhile, Hiroshi has no idea what's wrong with her and she's completely neglecting him for the money and buying things. Meanwhile meanwhile, Kaibutsutarou and team have no food. (Except Franken, who just needs to recharge, but a few pouting glares get him in the same boat as the rest.) Naturally this leads to the monster team trying to steal food from Utako's and Hiroshi's landlord. This does Not Go Well, but in the end Kaibutsutarou graduates from four to six by
learning: "Work, get money, use it, be happy. MONEY IS THE BEST."

The monster team remains as hilarious as before. Franken, Dracula (I love Dracula more with each minute of the drama) and Wolfman have an amazing reaction time with each other against Kaibutsutarou. Franken's side-plot crush on Utako provided several moments of great comedy. I remain undecided on Hiroshi and Utako, though Hiroshi's come a long way from being the idiot who does nothing but lie. I will reserve further judgment on Utako for the next few episodes.

First; LOL undoukai.

After Franken, Dracula and Wolfman finally started to guess that Hiroshi has a connection to Kaibutsutarou being able to use his powers, the King demands the return of that white stone that Hiroshi picked up. The three attendants promptly feel up Kaibutsutarou looking for it; to their dismay all Kaibutsutarou has to say is that he threw it away.

Aaaaaand of course Kaibutsutaroudoesn't know the meaning of 'friend', (or 'yukai' - I love that dictionary of human words) and Hiroshi wrote an essay how Kaibutsutarou really isn't a great friend, and there's a fight. There's also a great tense scene where they think that Hiroshi's stolen away by Akkuma; the phone rings and naturally rather than answer it the monsters have to have a whole scene explaining what the thing is.

LOL Kaibutsu fighting Kaibutsu and being totally unable to read.

While I can't disagree with Hiroshi that Kaibutsutarou is, well, not the nicest of people, I don't get what his deal writing that he didn't like him. He already knows that Kaibutsutarou is prone to being easily angered, though I suppose he couldn't have known that Kaibutsutarou would hear the essay being read. I don't know. On the one hand I get that you have to know a person well to know their bad points. On the other I feel like if you can and will say ten bad things about someone, that's an awfully long list and probably means that you shouldn't be hanging out with the person.


WARUGUCHI SAIKOU!!! (And dude, his dad is hilarious.)

Re: Arashi no Shiyagare.
I'm not sure what I think of it. I like the opening a lot. The format... is kind of Shukudaikun Lite, in its way. It's too much like Himitsu for my taste at the moment. I like that they're supposed to learn from the guests and then get a chance to test out what they've learned (Jun: *waving hand* MAA, MAA, MAa, maa, m-- *sits*). But a lot of the success of the show is going to be dependent on the guest. Well, it's going to change sooner or later. I just think they should change back to food.
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