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It is probably a bad sign that I am against making the final move to the new apartment because of the lack of internet there. There isn't TV there, either and I have no idea when we will be getting them again, making my desire not to leave even greater.

But, work starts tomorrow for real (wherein I will meet the staff for the first time before school starts, yay), but the school has something going on this coming Friday, then next Monday, and the following Friday. With any luck, in those days I will be able to take my driver's test and pass it. Amanda's going for her second try on Thursday - it would be super nice for at least one of us to have a valid license. orz

Mabo's naked in a tank. Mabo. Is naked. In a tank. LOL. (Okay, so he's actually in his underwear in a tank; naked in a tank is just much funnier to say.)

The Monster-world is amazing, what with the MILLIONS of Dracula, Franken, and Wolf-man CGI clones that populate it.

And other than that I spent so much of Kaibutsu-kun laughing.

I had basically no idea what to expect from it. All the promo stuff happened while I was in America, and since I've been back, I've been on Amanda's computer. Other than that, I just had no idea what Kaibustsu-kun was about. So it was with a little trepidation that I realized that it's one of those main-character-is-a-spoiled-brat kind of series.

Even if, however, Ohno's acting wasn't half as hilarious as it is, I'd still be watching this drama. Dracula, Wolf-man, and Franken are seriously awesome. Between Dracula breaking out into random English and being delightfully "-zaimasu" all the time, Franken's dancing among his flowers, and Wolf-man being the type to make snide commentary, I'd totally be watching for them. But Ohno is good at the brat character, and as Kaibutsu-kun he's so unrepentant about being a brat that I want episode 2 and I want it NAO.

Also? Monster choreography? IS HILARIOUS. Though people need to stop pretending that Nino wanting to quit the company is some kind of secret by now. Sho wanting to quit is less known than Nino wanting to quit. Seriously TV. *shakes head*
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