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Last night I cut the fabric for my walking jacket mock-up. I had juuuuuuuuuuust enough, even though I bought exactly what the pattern said to. Granted I cut the collar and front lapels out of the same stuff, when for the real thing they will be cut out of a contrasting, different fabric, but still. There's a reason why I usually buy a yard of extra for errors. orz

The jacket will be the most ambitious of the three things, needing a lot of tailoring. It's meant to go over a corset, of course, which I don't have, but apparently a good shape can be gotten anyway. Making corsets is my next stop. Maybe then I will open a shop like everyone and their mother. 8Db

General crafts and food:
Dandelion wine (I have to try this!!!)
Reynard's Feast
Canisius - SCA (Mideval recepies and bardic things.)
A crafts blog
Paper dolls!
19th C paper dolls!

Burnley and Trowbridge (Holy crap affordable blends)
Denver Fabrics
Duran Textiles (historic prints!!)
Pure Silks (Shiny AND affordable)

Sewing and embroidery:
Antique pattern library
Berlin Embroidery (For when I finally take up embroidery.)
Carolina Belles (awesomest of awesome forums - with parasol recovering techniques) (Gloves!)
Patterns, I believe.
Thread Banger (Might have good tips for sewing.)
A smocking tutorial
Wodeford Hall (Eventually I will make a kosode.)
Vintage Sewing (digitized sewing books)

Costume blogs/pretty things:
A Gentlewoman's Accounts
The Accidental Seamstress
The Art of Clothes
Books n' threads
Colonial Mantua Maker (Mantua stuff and good links.)
Costume Mercenary (Mostly Steampunk and shiny.)
Costuming my bliss
Costume Talk (Forum, worth looking through.)
Costumes (Dress diaries and such)
Cotte Simple (14th/15th C clothing)
Dress Diary
Fuchsias 18th C dress (18th C. A lot of it.)
Historical Alterations
Historically Dressed
Joyeuse Garb
Mauritia (18th C clothing breakdown)
Two Nerdy History Girls (Awesome. A lot of it.)
Well Dressed Hedgehog (Yet another costume blog.)
Who gives a... (Must remember to go through all her links.)
Yvettes (May be useful in LotR planning)

Super pretty inspiration.
The Bridgeman Art Library
Cleopatramwi (Pretty things)
Daisy Viktoria (Pretty pictures/inspiration)
Dancing Seamstress (Shiny things)
Dandelion Vintage (Pretty things to buy)
Daze of Laur (Pretty things)
Dreas Diverse Arts (Interesting pdfs on SCA stuff)
Elegant Musings (For the day I get off my ass and make a Renaissance gown)
Enchanted Dreams (More to the Goth-loli side of things, but super pretty)
Fabulous Parties (Resources for fabulous parties)
Gilded Garb (site's outdated but the links are mostly good)
La Belle Armoire (More shiny things)
Lady LaSalle (Pretty things and pay-for fashion plates)
Mimic of Modes's project list
Realm of Venus (Renaissance Italy site - dresses EVERYWHERE)
Steppinrazor3 (Links)
Storied Threads (links to more resources)
Such Eternal Delight (Blog with clothes n' things.)
Trouvais (Pretty EVERYTHING)
18th C silks reference
Gallery of shiny
Medieval & Renaissance material culture

People to follow:

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[ profile] bygoneglamour (may be useful)
[ profile] calicocloth and her costume making blog
[ profile] carapax (links, links everywhere)
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[ profile] chocolatepot (use the 'costume' tag)
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[ profile] dregae (not much there, but the dress diary of the ballgown is worth it)
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