Feb. 10th, 2010

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I want a subscription to Your Wardrobe Unlock'd really badly. Really, REALLY badly. Why is it so expensive. orz
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Oh, here we go.

Waratte Koraete's New York special, and the guy managed to hit the East Village. Within the diameter of his compass, the Bowery, Broadway, and "3丁目" (uh, no dude, no such thing) were all included. The lady is going with the ubiquitous fake nose, blond curly wig, and is dressed in the flag. Yeah, this is going to be one of those specials, where everything they put on TV is going to be the "weird side of America".

ETA: Looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool and the first lady the TV hostess goes to see starts laaaaaaaaaaaughing and asks "WHY???"

ETA II: I LOVE NEW YORKERS. The old man tells the lady to turn the "kinda famous" statue and then says "I think so. I've never done it."

ETA III: They found the rick-shaw guy who is dressed up as Spider Man and does acrobatics. orz

ETA IV: One of the things I find really funny about this? They're RIGHT NEXT to 8th street, where all the Japanese restaurants are. But instead they're going to pubs that have been there since 1854 (which, you know, I can understand - it's an awesome place).

ETA V: Looooool they just got roped into going into the Astor Place barber shop by a big Italian man.

ETA VI: Oh, there we go. They found the gay men. With the accents, lisps and skinny jeans. Who dress in drag and do the hula. Yep, yep, there we go.

ETA VII: And it ends with that. So everybody can talk about how scary it is. Except they cut a lot of the talking. That's good at least.


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